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Berkeley’s Efforts To Pass Measure D, The Soda Tax

Date: Wed 22 Oct 2014

Story by Xavier Morales

Last night I dropped by the Berkeley vs. Big Soda headquarters to help with a Yes on Measure D mailer that will be going out soon. When I saw the 30 or so phone-bankers feverishly dialing and...

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The Crunch Heard 'Round The County

Date: Wed 22 Oct 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

This week, people all across Ventura County, California, will take part in The Crunch Heard 'Round the County. Beginning Friday, October 24th, Ventura County will get together to celebrate Food Day...

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Illinois Ambassadors Join Forces On Food Day 2014

Date: Tue 21 Oct 2014

Story by Lindsey Shifley

Food Day 2014 is just around the corner! People all over the USA are coming together on and around October 24th to celebrate and inspire one another to change our diets AND our food policies. Check...

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The Dining Room Table As A Nexus For Change

Date: Mon 20 Oct 2014

Story by Camilla M. Mann

“Raise kids with fearless palates.” That is scribbled into a journal from before I was a mom. Idealistic? Sure. Achievable? Definitely. At first, I just focused on my family. Then I...

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Inspiring Healthy Change In Oregon For Food Day 2014

Date: Fri 17 Oct 2014

Story by Julie Cockburn

Food Day 2014 - Inspiring Healthy Change Through Individual Choice and Community Action! When it comes to our diets, what does it take to create a healthy, vibrant society? I believe it takes a...

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World Food Day 2014

Date: Thu 16 Oct 2014

Story by Terri Salminen

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations was founded October 1943 with the purpose of addressing global struggles against hunger and malnutrition. World Food Day was first...

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Popsicles With A Touch Of Pizzazz

Date: Wed 15 Oct 2014

Story by Jade Rosenberg

One August’s monthly challenges involved making yogurt pops. Needless to say, I am now obsessed with popsicles (and I think everyone else is too!). The beauty behind the yogurt pop is that you can...

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