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Meet Your Local Farmer

Date: Fri 20 Mar 2015

Story by Amy Wambold

Meet Farmer David Moreno of Moreno Farms near Scottsdale, AZ, USA! As I stood at his produce stand on this warm, sunny day with breezes swirling the blossom scents of the Sonoran Desert all...

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Becoming Food Detectives

Date: Thu 19 Mar 2015

Story by Katy Stacy

Did your mom ever tell you not to waste food because there were starving children in the world? Mine did at least twice a week. I find myself saying it to my own kids more often than I would like....

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Slow Food Camp Uruguay, 2015

Date: Tue 17 Mar 2015

Story by Maria Elena Ledesma Dall'Asta

At the end of February, a gathering took place at the organic farm Ibirá Pitá, in Uruguay between members of Slow Food from Latin America, and the Slow Food Coordinators for the Southern Cone region...

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My Mother, Our Garden

Date: Fri 13 Mar 2015

Story by Jen Farr

My mother had strong hands. They were the kind of hands that were always busy. Holding a good mystery book. Playing an intense game of Scrabble. Working the soil in her garden. Her love of gardening...

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The Perfect Day For The Perfect Mother

Date: Fri 13 Mar 2015

Story by Alex Hodgkinson-Last

Mother's Day marks that time of year when we can all show our appreciation for the unsung heroes that have the hardest job in the world. My lovely wife Emma put her career on hold and dedicated the...

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WHO Announces New Sugar Guidelines

Date: Wed 11 Mar 2015

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

World sugar consumption has tripled in the past 50 years, while the population has only doubled (check out this article for more on the sugar debate). On March 4, the World Health Organization (WHO)...

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London TEDx Manhattan Screening A Huge Success!

Date: Tue 10 Mar 2015

Story by Justyna Kolowrotna

On saturday 7th March, the second annual London Viewing Party for TEDxManhattan 2015 “Changing the Way We Eat” took place in Central London. More than 100 guests attended the screening at the...

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