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New Food Day 2012 Website Now Live!

Date: Wed 25 Jul 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Food Day 2012 Is This October; Check Out Their Brand New Website With New Resources, Tools and Events Map To Start Planning Your Real Food Celebration! Food Day, created by our friends at the...

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Kids Need Healthy Attitude To Eating

Date: Wed 25 Jul 2012

Story by Vanessa Bronder Alward

Work-from-Home Mom’s Blog of the Month My Kids Really Eat This Aims To Positively Influence Parents to Inspire Their Kids To Eat Well Inspiring Others To Get Kids To Eat Well. My Blog ‘Kids...

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Eat Well Work Happy

Date: Thu 19 Jul 2012

Story by Madeline and Aja Marie Johnson

The Snack Cart – Eat Well, Work Happy We originally created The Snack Cart because we wanted to help change the way people eat at work, which is typically hunched over their desk for hours with a...

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Real Food For Kids In Fairfax County

Date: Tue 17 Jul 2012

Story by Kathryn Luwis

Real Food For Kids is at it again. This Fairfax County, VA-based parent advocacy group has been working relentlessly to improve the food for their school children. Victories are sweet for any grass...

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Made From Scratch At Newark School

Date: Mon 16 Jul 2012

Story by Royce Berler

A great homemade ketchup recipe is one of the many things St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, NJ brings to the table. When we couldn’t find ketchup free of high fructose corn syrup, we decided to make...

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Inspiring And Motivating Teens To Become Food Savvy

Date: Fri 13 Jul 2012

Story by Claire Gourley

If you are a teen the last thing you need is another adult telling you what to do and how to do it… that happens enough at college and at home. There are a lot of kids out there who want to know more...

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Getting Kids Food Savvy

Date: Thu 12 Jul 2012

Story by Glenda Gourley

Forget the latest computer game or toy – one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is some basic food skills. This is not a debate that you want to have with the child because it certainly...

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