Steps for Parents and Students

Parents Go find out what's being served for lunch! Students share your photos!

1. (For parents) Make an appointment to have lunch with your kid you may need to call the school depending on your campus rules
2. Take a photo of the lunch (you may need to get permission first)
3. Post it here
4. Rate other lunch photos and see how yours measures up

Don't forget, you need to be 13 or over to participate

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How do I participate?

You can view and rate photos of school lunches on the photo wall. You can also submit a photo of your own or your childs school lunch and get your friends, family and school community to rate it. The "Best" and "Worst" will be determined by visitors to the Food Revolution website who participate by rating the photographs. So its up to you! (Dont forget, you need to be 13 or over to participate.)

Uploading Photos

If you upload a photo incorrectly you will be unable to go back and edit. The easiest thing to do is to upload again correctly and report the initial upload so that we can remove it.

What do you mean by "Best" and "Worst?"

We are leaving it up to the public to choose based on the photographs you submit the "Best" and "Worst" lunches. We are not evaluating the nutritional content or the food integrity of these meals. Our goal is to demonstrate the range of appearance and quality in school food, to spark conversation and debate. In most schools and communities, a government agency provides some level of oversight on the meals being served to children. For more about the USDA National School Lunch Program and changing standards in America, click here.

We continue to support the school nutrition staff who work hard to produce nutritious meals with the budget and ingredients provided to them. Yet we believe the time for change has come in our school food system. To learn more about cutting-edge cafeteria staff doing it differently, visit our Professionals page.

Reporting Photos

We have a report button on each photo. If you feel that an uploaded photo is not appropriate for our School Lunch Photo Wall please click this and we will automatically receive an email to notify us that the photo has been reported and we can remove it if necessary.

When will rating end?

The photo wall will run for the full 20112012 school year during which time visitors can upload, rate and share school lunch images, unless closed for the holidays. When closed no photos can be uploaded however whether closed or open visitors will still be able to view, rate and share the photo wall. The wall was closed in 2011 on December 19th 2011 and reopened on January 12th 2012 for the next semester. Results from the first semester can be found here:

Top 10 Best and Worst From the First Semester
The Best and Worst School Lunch From the First Semester

Together we can highlight the importance of knowing what is on the lunch tray and build a meaningful showcase of school lunches from across America and the rest of the world for the 2011-2012 school year, a great reference for years to come.

What will happen at the end?

The Best Lunch From the First Semester and The Worst Lunch From the First Semester from 2011 are featured on the Food Revolution website and the people who uploaded the photos received a brand new signed Jamie recipe book!

At the end of the 2011-2012 school year the final Top 10 Best and Top 10 Worst rated lunches as voted by visitors to the Food Revolution website will be featured on the site. Further details to come!

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Tasty meals made with fresh ingredients? Or processed, unappealing junk? See what kids across the world are getting for school lunch. Click the red stars to rate photos from good (thumbs up) to bad (thumbs down) and find the BEST and the WORST. Learn More.