The "Big Rig" Mobile Teaching Kitchen

Watch the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, Food Revolution Big Rig mobile teaching kitchen teaching gardens at the first stop on its tour last year, a Challengers Boys and Girls Club in South Central L.A.

Jamie's Holiday Message

Jamie's 2011 roundup of all things Food Revolution with a big shout out to the amazing Food Revolution Community.

Jamie Oliver on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1

Jamie chats to Jimmy Kimmel about the recent news that Congress have classed pizza as a vegetable, Jamie is not very happy.

Jamie Oliver on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 2

Jamie talks to Jimmy Kimmel and asks the public to TEXTJAMIE to 90975 to protect kids, not pizza and fries!

Jamie's Video Message on the UN NCD Summit

Discussing Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in time for the UN Summit 2011, Jamie is asking for people all across the world to join the Food Revolution and help get countries and global leaders to work together and improve education & legislation in order to reduce the number of deaths from NCDs and obesity related diseases.

Jamie's One Young World Speech

Jamie addressed One Young World at their second annual summit in Zurich, Switzerland on 2nd September 2011. Discussing global obesity and his work in the UK and US Jamie calls upon the leaders of tomorrow to demand better food and food education to prevent diet-related dieseases and deaths. Sign Jamie's petition.

Jamie Live at Google HQ in London

Jamie cooks up some pasta at the launch of Google's new initiative 'Optimize Your Life' as they aim to become the healthiest and happiest place to work in the world!

Jamie Live June 22 2011- Perfect Steak

Live from the Google offices in London, Jamie cooks up perfect steak with wild mushrooms and answers questions from the Twitter and Facebook community.

Jamie Live June 15 2011 - Fish Stew

Answering questions from the Twitter community (#AskJamie), cooking up an easy fish stew and big  thanks to Mashable.

Jamie Live June 15 2011- Squid Crostini

Answering questions from the Twitter community (#AskJamie), talking about the latest from the Food Revolution and cooking up mediterranean style squid crostini.

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