$10,000 donation for huntington kitchen

$10,000 Donation For Huntington Kitchen

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our friends at Cabell Huntington Hospital have made a generous donation of $10,000 to Huntington’s Kitchen and Ebenezer Medical Outreach to help expand the Fresh Market program and make locally-grown fruits and vegetables more available and affordable to the community of Huntington.

Huntington’s Kitchen was originally established as “Jamie’s Kitchen” during series one of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. When filming ended, Jamie wanted the kitchen to remain open to the public, to further his mission of bringing cooking skills back to the people of Huntington.

This was made possible by local non-profit Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc (EMO) who offered to oversee operations of the kitchen, along with some very generous donations from Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH), US Foodservice, Organizing for America and various individuals.

This latest donation from CHH will allow EMO to hire a co-ordinator to work with local farms and food producers to sell their products to stores, restaurants and other businesses. In addition it will help create a bountiful supply of fresh produce for the community through expansion of Huntington’s Kitchen Fresh Market which provides healthy affordable produce to the Huntington community.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to increase the number of people who have access to fresh, local produce in our region. By providing greater access to fresh, local foods at affordable prices, we hope to improve the health and eating habits of people in our region and to provide sustainable funding for the great work being done at Huntington’s Kitchen.”
Andrea Leffingwell, Director of Development for Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc.

Earlier in February, CHH received a National Hospital Charitable Service Award and a $10,000 prize for its extensive efforts to combat obesity and obesity-related disease which include a $100,000 donation to help train cooks in Cabell County Schools to prepare lunches from scratch using fresh, whole ingredients. Two donations of $50,000 will fund two years of operations at Huntington’s Kitchen; the creation of the “Cabell Huntington Hospital Healthy Kids Play Place” at The Huntington Mall; and the sponsorship of major health education campaigns.

“Our previous efforts have already addressed school lunches and food preparation at home, so we thought this money could best be utilized to help make healthy fruits and vegetables more accessible to our community. It’s also great that it will support our local farmers and food producers.”
Brent A. Marsteller, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHH.

In addition CHH has announced that it will help to spread the message of Huntington’s Kitchen Fresh Market by communicating with the community about cooking classes, course schedules and kitchen news, as well as information about Huntington’s Kitchen Fresh Market.

Thanks to CHH for this great donation and to both CHH and EMO for keeping Huntington’s Kitchen and the Food Revolution alive in Huntington, WV!

Huntington’s Kitchen was the first of its kind in America, but there are now plans to establish more kitchens like it around the country – starting with Dallas, NY, Baltimore, LA and Cleveland.
For more information about Huntington’s Kitchen or The Huntington’s Kitchen Fresh Market, call the kitchen at (304) 522-0887, or Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc., at (304) 529-0753, or click here.

The Food Revolution Team


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