Big plans for French companies this Food Revolution Day

Big Plans For French Companies This Food Revolution Day

Wed 27 Mar 2013

Story by Edouard Morhange

Although France is not considered a country concerned with bad food habits and obesity; one adult out of three is overweight.

Because of the economic challenges they face, workers tend to reduce or suppress their lunch break, believing it makes them more productive. National statistics say that over a 20-year period, lunchtime has reduced from 95 to 22 minutes. Today, more than ever, employees are replacing the traditional lunch with snacks and sodas all day long.

A Lunch to Start a Food Revolution in your Workplace

That’s why we have launched our campaign called “Lunch Break: a lunch to start a Food Revolution in your workplace”.

From April 1st, we will be recruiting correspondents concerned about food and health in hundreds of companies in France. They will be in charge of organizing a special moment with their colleagues for lunch, on Friday, May 17.

Every employee will be invited to prepare a delicious lunchbox with fresh products cooked at home. In some companies, colleagues will organize themselves with a first one bringing a starter, a second one the main dish, and a third one the dessert. All of them will eat together and discuss about how important health and good nutrition are in the workplace.

To help them prepare a special menu, we will put on a dedicated webpage of recipes together, including recipes from famous food bloggers who want to participate and run the campaign on their site.

We will also create posters and flyers to download, in order to print and display in the office and in the cafeteria. Also, a link to the Food Revolution eBook 30 ideas for starting a Food Revolution in the Workplace will be available. You can find this here:

During the event, correspondents will be encouraged to take pictures and send them to the website, and also on the Facebook and twitter corporate accounts.

A press release will be sent to TV channels, radio and magazines to recruit more correspondents and also to get some coverage in the media during that day. It will underline the importance of good eating habits at work for employees, but also remind companies that a right nutrition policy will affect the global performance in both the short and long term.

On May 17, with this campaign, we hope we can make hundreds of French companies stand up for real food, and join the global movement of the Food Revolution!

About the author: Edouard Morhange has been a Food Revolution Ambassador in Paris since 2012. For 10 years, he managed Nouveau Jour, a very innovative communication agency, sold in 2008 to the QobliQ Group Ltd. He’s now a consultant in the domains of communication and digital strategy for startups and corporate companies.

Twitter: @edouardmorhange


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