3 Weeks To Food Revolution Day!

3 Weeks To Food Revolution Day!

Mon 30 Apr 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Most kids are so out of touch with what's on their plates that they don't realise that real food doesn't come from a box. With 43 million kids under 5 overweight or obese, we have a big problem (1). But obesity is reversible and preventable, made possible by REAL FOOD!

There’s less than three weeks to go now until Food Revolution Day on May 19, so here’s an update on what’s happening across the world.

A Global Food Festival – Is Your City Represented?

From Sao Paulo to Amsterdam and Huntington to Jakarta, there are now 26 countries and 183 cities on the map. Is your country and city represented?

Search our map to find an event happening near you that you can attend and if there aren’t any there then why not set up your own!

Check out our global team to see who you can connect with in your local area to get something going. Fancy joining the team as a Food Revolution Day ambassador? There’s still time to apply here.

Events – What Will You Do?

With 3 weeks until the big day there are already over 280 events on the map!

There are loads of different ways that you can get involved in Food Revolution Day, whether you want to do something public and invite all your community, or host a private event at your school, or a dinner party for friends and family.

We’re really excited that there are already over 80 public local food events taking place all over the world on May 19 - from Farmers Market Tours and Cooking Classes to Grocery Store Tours and Potlucks.

Additionally, there are also an amazing 197 dinner parties and private events taking place, including Jamie’s own dinner party!

Have you decided what you are going to do on Food Revolution Day? Make sure you add your events to the map and join our food festival of events bringing back food education!

Ideas & Inspiration

• Local Food Event Ideas http://foodrevolutionday.com/host-a-dinner-party.html
• Dinner Party Ideas http://foodrevolutionday.com/local-food-events.html
• Sao Paulo Events [Link once live]
Chef Ann Coopers Events
25 Event Ideas For Your Foodie Event
• Ideas for Events on a Budget [Link once live]
Check out our infographic!

The Food Revolution Day Team

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(1) WHO Fact Sheet http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs311/en/

Images: Taken from the Food Revolution Day Infographic


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