A Growing Need to Educate People on Real Food

A Growing Need To Educate People On Real Food

Tue 16 Apr 2013

Story by Sarvin Haghighi

Originally from Iran, and having lived and worked in Dubai - UAE, I've seen a growing need in educating people on how to eat healthy and to make better food choices.

Dubai is an amazing city, full of life and is changing on a daily basis, but like any other modern city, food choices can be quick and easy take outs for a generation on the go, without considering nutritional value.

Childhood obesity rates in the UAE reached epidemic proportions last year with nearly a third of children either obese or overweight. This is a major issue across the modern world and although so many programs exist to address this, so much more can be done.

With a passion for healthy eating and lifestyle choices, I see the opportunity to work with people of all ages; especially kids on helping them understand food. This passion led me to run several food education sessions in different locations to raise awareness.

Becoming a Food Revolution Ambassador

When I found out about Jaime Oliver's Foundation, I immediately applied to become UAE's Food Revolution Ambassador. Hosting the first Food Revolution day in Jamie's Italian in Dubai, was a great start, where we had more than 30 attendees and supporters. I also managed to raise awareness on the foundation as a whole through local papers and press.

Here in Dubai, due to the luxurious life-style, a lot of people tend to do their daily shopping from big supermarkets chains where they sell certified "organic" products...I have contacted with a few local farmers interested in the whole foundation and they have confirmed they are willing to work with us whenever we have any events. This is great progress for Dubai and not only so we promote local farmers but also people will have options to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at a more reasonable price.

Last year, Food Revolution Day in Dubai was so great and this year we will have even a wider audience. With few house dinners happening here and there across the city and also another event at Jamie's Italian Dubai (details on the event in the restaurant soon to be shared). I have asked few people who were interested to share simple recipes with the parents who work full time and still need to prepare dinner for the family - something healthy and easy to make with fresh ingredients. Food Revolution Day menus will be shared soon along with the recipes as well as photos of the event. So stay tuned and visit www.foodrevolutionday.com to find out more about the global day of action and add your activity!

We are growing big time and can't wait for everyone to see what is happening in the Food Revolution in sunny Dubai!

About the Author: I'm from Iran - Land of Persia - majored in Spanish literature in Tehran. Worked in Human Resources as a full time job and when I moved to Dubai in 2006, added Personal Training, Pilates instruction and holding healthy lifestyle sessions on the side. Been part of the food revolution family for the past few years and I can't wait to raise more awareness on our vision.

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