A Potluck of Fun for Food Revolution Day

A Potluck Of Fun For Food Revolution Day

Thu 06 Jun 2013

Story by Danielle Crawford

To celebrate Food Revolution Day 2013, I hosted a “Potluck at the Park” event that was open to the community. Unfortunately, the erratic weather of Kentucky deterred a good number of people from joining us, but we were able to share a lot of delicious, homemade food and celebrate Food Revolution Day with about twenty people!

We had asked that everyone bring a recipe to accompany the dish they prepared, and adults excitedly swapped recipes and discussed their techniques. One of the children even approached me for the recipe from our healthy dessert activity (!), which was to make miniature fruit pizzas. I had prepared a cookie made of banana, oats, and cinnamon to use as a crust, and homemade strawberry preserves that we used as the sauce, and everyone was encouraged to top them with the fruits of their choice. The next day, I saw her with her family at the local farmer’s market where I volunteer, and they told me they bought fresh, local strawberries to make the recipe!

The most exciting activity was a scavenger hunt game I created that focused on trying new fruits and vegetables, referencing both bingo and Crunch A Color. I provided a prize for the first person to get Bingo on their game board, and for the person who accumulated the most points or completely filled their board first. We played twice – once with the children and once with the adults. We had two sisters who competed against each other for the children’s game, and they were so competitive and enthusiastic!

One of my favorite pictures from the event is of eleven-year-old, Katherine, who had a mouth full of the fruits and vegetables as she raced to beat her sister. The girls were familiar with Crunch A Color and regularly use the game at home, and they were very excited to see some of the fruits and vegetables in the scavenger hunt that they hadn’t tasted yet but had wanted to try, such as papaya. Many of the adults even admitted to trying a lot of new foods that they normally wouldn’t try, from both prepared dishes that were brought and as a result of competing in the scavenger hunt activity.

The children and two of the adults each decorated their own small pots and planted vegetable seeds in them to take home. Other adults picked up a pack of vegetables seeds that had been provided as party favors and took those with them to plant in their gardens at home. We also set up a picture booth back drop with props, and we’ve received so many fun pictures from this -- I was so happy to see it was a hit, and I can’t wait to pull it out at future events!

All in all, we all felt the event was a success. Nearly all the attendees have contacted me to say they enjoyed the evening and would love to attend more events, and even those who were unable to make it are also requesting that I host events like this regularly. One attendee is a preschool teacher and she has sought my assistance with conducting the scavenger hunt in the school where she teaches! I also received a lot of feedback regarding a sugar visual I had made that illustrates how easily we can consume far more sugar than we need in our bodies by eating processed foods.

Considering I have only been an ambassador for about half a year, this has made me very hopeful for what we can accomplish in the future!

About the Author:
Danielle is a food and health enthusiast who loves to cook at home and help others to do the same. Danielle is a current graduate student who works separately with both children and the geriatric population, and her love of helping others, sharing cooking skills, and promoting food education and healthier lifestyles is the inspiration for her efforts to volunteer as an ambassador of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Her goal is to help empower children and their families to “Cook it. Share it. Live it.”

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Twitter: @foodrevlex


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