A Recipe for Change: Flavored Milk HQ

A Recipe For Change: Flavored Milk HQ

Wed 19 Oct 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution continues to take on the issue of sweetened, flavored milk in school meals. This campaign is about declaring that schools should give our kids the best nutrition possible, and one step is to make sweetened, flavored milk a treat, not an everyday staple at breakfast and lunch.

Food Revolution Milk Week of Action

It's "game on" for the National Flavored Milk Week of Action, November 7-11.

Hundreds of members of the Food Revolution are participating by doing whatever they can to call for the phasing out of flavored sugary milk this school year. Real experiences are showing that change can happen just by opening the conversation.

What do you need to take action in your community? We've got it right here. To plug into our community of Milk leaders, join our Facebook Group or email flavoredmilk@jamieoliverfoodfoundation.org.

Tools and Resources for Local Action on Flavored Milk

Facts on Milk

• Fact Sheet: The Hard Facts About Flavored Milk
• LAUSD Pure Milk Fact Sheet
• Sugary Milk Calculator: determine how much extra milk your kids are drinking each day by using the calculator in the right-hand column.
• Flavored milk vs. white milk: What’s the difference? Q&A with co-chair of MN-AAP pediatric obesity taskforce.

Changing Milk in School

• Superintendent's Memo to the Board in Los Angeles
• Washington, DC Public Schools Chancellor email to Chairman of the Board
• Santa Clarita Food Services Director Letter to Board
• Milk Math Banner from Rio School District, Oxnard, CA
• Slides from Oct. 26 webinar - "Straight from the Cow's Mouth"
• Audio/video of Rio District Food Service Supervisor on eliminating flavored milk as shared with Oct. 26 webinar. [Part 1] [Part 2]
• Audio/video of Margaret Read from the Yale Rudd Center on school nutrition and flavored milk as shared with Oct. 26 webinar.

Tools for Action

• National Milk Week of Action Facebook Page
• Milk Week of Action Local Event Brief
• Milk Week of Action Planning Guide
• Milk Week of Action Flyer (Flavor One) Word DOC for customizing | PDF
• Milk Week of Action Flyer (Flavor Two) Word DOC for customizing | PDF
• Colorado Springs White Milk Poster 1 & White Milk Poster 2
• Change.org a great site to create an easy sign-on letter to local officials
• Example letter to a Principal or Superintendent Word DOC | PDF

We look forward to working with you on your Milk Actions, do feel free to contact the team at

The Food Revolution Team

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• November Milk Week of Action
• June 9th Milk Day of Action
• Model Press Release from Fresno Advocates
• Santa Monica: "Chocolate Milk? Not in the Schools?
• Map of Districts That Have Made the Change

• Big Dairy Puts Big Scare Into Parents to Push Chocolate Milk - But for How Long?
• The Chocolate Milk Debate: Does It Do A Body Bad?
• Chocolate Milk In Schools: Should It Be Banned?
• Chef Ann Cooper: Eliminating Chocolate Milk in Schools