A Recipe of Purposeful Health

A Recipe Of Purposeful Health

Fri 19 Oct 2012

Story by Casey Trebilcock

Food carries my essence and flavour, zest and personal expression and pours it onto a plate. The way food creates a unique experience that allows me to live in the present moment, to stop and appreciate a story of something beautiful, is a feeling that enriches my soul.

Being an avid ‘foodie’ exploring the true meaning of health to me not only sits in the invaluable source of fresh produce, but having the ability to understand why, how and what creates our own internal and external optimum health. This understanding, I believe to be irreplaceable, as it provides communities, our neighbouring societies, and us with the greatest gift of purposeful health.


The word that describes my flair, cooking style and one that nurtured the shaping of bLANk is ‘natural’. A word that captivates beauty, simplicity and freedom, an advised state of being that enforces us to reveal our pure and raw identities. My approach to food is much the same.

With an intense curiosity in healthy living, the most essential part of my food story is carrying this word, ‘natural’, through every kitchen creation. I’ve sanctioned this word to be subconsciously engrained into who I am and it means that incorporating natural, locally grown food is second nature to me. I can let the natural state of the food colour, flavour and shape the identity of the meal, instead of relying on artificial, man-made substances that become a toxic poison in the body. This awareness is what has built the foundations of my bLANk Food Revolution.

A new revolution in my life that has seen me embark on a mission to unravel and expose the unnecessary complications involved in eating in the modern world that is today.

We Must Become The Change We Want To See In The World

My take on the Food Revolution is that “we must become the change we want to see in the world”. I wholeheartedly believe that the “food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison” and to distribute this message I began a blog.

A blog where my focus is in establishing a platform where I could design and share recipes that are easy, simple and quick but provide a combination packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure peak health. The main emphasis is showing everybody how to incorporate super-foods, fresh fruit and vegetables into their daily lifestyle without creating food restrictions and learning about what goes in their mouths. With this, bLANk‘s food creates possibilities to change a person’s lifestyle that one can maintain, enjoy and share. (For more information about bLANk visit www.ablankblog.com).

Sharing An Interaction With Others Through Food

My goal is not only to create simple and nutritious dishes but also to share an interaction with others through food. A communication pathway that enables friendships to grow, for barriers to be broken down, to provide nourishment and offer health and to bring people together of all walks of life.

People ask me why I bother using so much energy and put all my time into trying to share and spread this message, this ‘thing’ I do with food. The truth is, the moment someone reconsiders about throwing packaged and processed food into their trolley, or buys an apple instead of a chocolate bar, the moment they make a homemade meal instead of ordering take away is why I do what I do through bLANk.

Regardless if people become tired of seeing constant updates regarding my food message on my social network or me talking about it, if it gets people around me considering their wellbeing for just a second, it can soon trigger conscious thoughts about the quality of their current health.

When someone begins to respect his or her health as a truly sacred asset and transform their mindset concerning a healthy lifestyle through the influence of bLANk, I have then achieved something truly significant through bLANk and spreading my passion.

Cooking Classes

A place where people can see and grasp my enthusiasm for food and witness it spread like wildfire is in the kitchen, but more specifically, in my personally designed cooking classes.

The concept behind my cooking class innovation is letting the people involved shape its direction. By exploring what they want to get out of their food prior to the class, I can adequately cater and design recipes completely tailored to their specifications and tastes. I believe this not only gives them an array of options to take to their own kitchen but a priceless origin of knowledge. The way I see it, is that if I can influence one person from showing them how easy it is to cook healthy meals, they are going to share this with their families. In turn we begin a domino affect of spreading the message and skills associated with healthy living, a snowball affect that broadens my bLANk Food Revolution, striving towards purposeful health.

Having a mum who cooked nourishing meals through my childhood and was adamant that our family ate dinner together every night has concreted my belief that food brings us together, food has the power to shape our lives, to me, food is equal to the value of gold. The moment I realized that I could have a profound influence by teaching myself and then exposing my family and friends to the impacts and implications of the food we eat, I could in turn achieve my own Food Revolution.

My philosophy, keep it simply simple, Live Healthy, Live bLANk.

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci

About the author: Casey Trebilcock, a committed foodie, translates the meaning of purposeful health through the execution of creative, wholesome, modern and clean food. Not content with watching the world eat itself to bad health, this talented young woman is driven to spread and share her own bLANk Food Revolution with a positive attitude that endeavours to teach, share, and provide possibilities that enable the world to ‘Live Healthy, Live bLANk’. Connect with Casey on her blog www.ablankblog.com on twitter, facebook, tumblr or follow her on instagram @caseytrebilcock

Photography: Emma Round Copyright


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