A Simple Way To Join Food Revolution Day At Home

A Simple Way To Join Food Revolution Day At Home

Wed 08 May 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Join Food Revolution Day 2013 at home with a Pop-up Potluck

It doesn't take a marching band, a ticker tape parade or fireworks to host a revolutionary activity for Jamie’s big day on May 17th. Participating in this global celebration of good food is as simple as shouting out an invite to your friends and neighbors to gather ‘round your table for a shared meal of real food. Just be sure to add it to our map at www.foodrevolutionday.com

The beauty of this age-old traditional meal shared between friends is that it hardly needs a lick of planning or a boatload of imagination – the magic comes directly from the amalgamation of the individual contributions your guests bring to the mix. Think of the Irish stews concocted back in the late 19th century when the word potluck first came to be; those earthy meals of many ingredients contributed by a community of cooks into a single pot. The only essential ingredient in this primal sharing of a meal is an eclectic guest list.

Stir up some Interest.

With just a few days to go before The Food Revolution Day, make those calls and hit SEND on inspirational e-mails, texts and tweets to your mates, neighbours or co-workers. Check out our downloadable graphics to put a Jamie twist on your invite. There’s even a Food Revolution Day twitter background that will make your TGIFRD (thank god it’s Food Revolution Day!) invite stand out.

Set the Scene.

No doubt the food will be the focal point of the potluck experience, but why not blow the doors off the 1950’s notion of this nostalgic gathering by banishing the buffet and the linen table clothes. How about a roof-top, after-work, open-air party with colorful paper lanterns a hodgepodge of garden tables? Or transform a front porch with one, long table, lit by the white light of votive candles, festooned with a spring delivery of lilacs. Packing in up and taking it outdoors works too - take your mates and your potluck spread to a local park to dine al fresco.

Theme It Up.

Theme your potluck to give your meal a cohesive food story. Go global and invite your guests to bring dishes from a designated point on the map – transform your patio into a taverna and encourage guests to conjure up their best take on Greek inspired dishes like this gazpacho recipe submitted by Polly Akhrust in London. Or turn the clock upside down and host a breakfast for dinner potluck with the elegant egg front and centre in recipes like Salt Lake City revolutionary, Lindsay LaPough–Scribellito’s nutritious frittata. Channel your poetic side with a potluck Ode to Spring – ask guests to tap into only local and fresh seasonal ingredients, honouring the glorious asparagus, snap pea and new potato in spring inspired dishes like this one submitted by Erin Gleeson.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Take the potluck concept and limit the guest list to your immediate family or house mates. Find inspiration for your meal from your own fridge and pantry and have a spur-of-the-moment revolutionary event just for you and yours (don’t forget to post it on our activity page!) Check out this mystery-busting video with some easy-to-do at home events.

Pass It On.

Share you potluck stories on our website and make sure to post pictures and recipes. Food Revolution Day is all about getting back to basics with simple cooking skills with an eye toward good nutritious food made from scratch. Check out these potluck activities already on our docket for Food Revolution Day on May 17th and join in with your own take on the age-old perfect pairing of good food and good friends around a table:
Locals Only Pot Luck
Viva Comida!
Healthy Five Potluck Lunch
Let’s Move! Potluck

What ever you plan to do at home this Food Revolution Day, be sure to register it on our site at www.foodrevolutionday.com!

Here's to a great Food Revolution Day!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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