Ambassador of the Month: Sándor from Hungary

Ambassador Of The Month: Sándor From Hungary

Wed 25 Jun 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Introducing our June Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month is a feature we launched in order to highlight the amazing volunteers we have around the world. Ambassadors who have been chosen show an unwavering desire for change in their communities. They are fighting for real food and food education skills and donate their time every month to make this happen.

Our ambassador for June is Sándor Németi from Budapest, Hungary! Sándor is a ballet dancer and choreographer who is has travelled to many countries including Hungary, Germany, Romania, Austria and France.

Tell us a little about why you wanted to get involved in the Food Revolution?

Although my love for cooking cames from my grandmother, Jamie Oliver’s efforts and dedication for a better and healthy life was for me a great inspiration. I think we all deserve a better food education. After the last statistics, Hungary is the first on the list in Europe with the most obese people.

We have to take a minute to think about that and start to act now, and try to make small changes in our lifes, step by step. Children are our future, the next generation, and we have to educate and inspire them. Involving myself in the Food Revolution is a good and important step of starting to contribute to better food education in Hungary.

How has the Ambassador Program helped you accomplish your goals?

My goal is to see people smiling and happy, and to try to give and inspire others. Sometimes I feel that the ’small’ things in life are very important.

The Ambassador Program provides a great opportunity to comunicate with other people who also are trying to create real change across the world. The program also provides a great place to share ideas and thoughts.

What have you been able to achieve since being an Ambassador?

An important step is that Food Revolution Budapest is taking part as a partner in a project named Health=Value. This program is sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development, Hungarian Cooperative Market, Hungarian Hospital Association and takes place in 14 big cities in Hungary.

We have been working for 2 years with the Healthy Nutrition Association and also we have space continuously in two magazines with news, recipes. Some people from the cultural life from Hungary also support us and gave their name to the Food Revolution Budapest. I have also been on TV, on a cooking programe and on the radio, talking about the Food Revolution.

We must become a responsible society, one that is responsible in making decisions about food. In Hungary over the past 20 years the number of obese children has tripled and we must act now.

What real food initiative are you currently working on in your community? How's it going?

Like everything in life, patience is a good solution. I am trying to involve people in the movement and I see that how time goes on, more and more people are interested in the real food initiative.

I have to say a big Thank you to Éva Danyi, who is helping me in all my projects. I started the Food Revolution Budapest Facebook page, where I communicate and share ideas and thaughts through social media. I have to say, that I am very happy to realize that my telephone is ringing more often, and people and companies are asking me about, how they can support the Food Revolution and what they have to do. This things are making me happy and I feel that I am moving in the right direction.

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