An Eleven Year Oldís Journey On The Big Rig

An Eleven Year Oldís Journey On The Big Rig

Tue 04 Feb 2014

Story by Emma Jones

My classes on the Big Rig have been really fun and Iíve learned so much! There are many tasks you must learn to cook. In the classes they are very descriptive and specific on how or what to do in the process of cooking. These classes can be super important to help you. Every time Iíve cooked something was one experience or another and it has been extremely fun! There are a lot of foods you can make such as, soups, pancakes, omelets, fish, sauces, etc. And pretty much all of them is cooked less than 20 minutes! The best part I like about the food is that it is so good and they make it so healthy and everything they cook is so fresh. They even talk about how to use different things to switch one ingredient with another one. If you sign up for about a week you can be like an expert. Even though Iím only 11 years old, itís easy for any person to do this.

Some of the things you do are easy and simple. Cooking is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs and turns, but once you get used to everything you feel like youíve been doing it for a long time! Itís super easy to make all the food they suggest you to make at home, for family and friends. I have made pancakes by myself when my friend stayed the night at my house and they were delicious. Iíve also made an omelet that was super good! Eggs are my favorite thing to cook right now, but I really liked the crispy garlic chicken we made in class so I want to make that at home soon.

I learned if you mess up on something you make, youíll know for next time if you put too much salt or pepper and etc. My grandma and I made a chocolate pie together, and sheíd made one before but she put too much salt on it. So, we both now know not to put in a whole tablespoon of salt. I remember for my momís birthday we made a homemade giant cupcake. The inside didnít cook in the oven so we hollowed it out and put vanilla ice-cream in it. And of course in every cake there should be frosting for pizazz and so we made the hot caramel right when we put the ice-cream inside it, but it made the ice-cream melt inside but it was still super good! What Iím trying to say is that if you mess up on one thing you can patch it up with something! Like if you had a hole in your new jeans, just patch it up!

My experiences in this Big Rig have been super-duper fun! Thank you for coming to Bakersfield and I hope they come around again.

Find out about the Big Rig mobile teaching kitchen tour here.

About the Author: Emma Jones lives in Bakersfield California with her older brother and parents. She loves having dinner with everyone at the table. She calls it ďhaving dinner like a family.Ē She became interested in cooking this year by helping in the kitchen and making a chocolate pie with her Mima. It was delicious (with just the right amount of salt). She likes to travel and see new things and places.


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