An International Food Festival in Qatar for Food Revolution Day

An International Food Festival In Qatar For Food Revolution Day

Fri 21 Jun 2013

Story by Faraz Rauf Tareen, Food & Nutrition Services, Qatar Foundation

The Qatar Foundation hosts an International Food Festival on Food Revolution Day

The Qatar Foundation is a melting pot of cultures. An organization deeply committed to the holistic development of the state of Qatar by bringing in synergies and expertise from across the world. There are over a staggering 140 nationalities working together guided by the strong ethos and culture of the country, yet bringing with them essential elements of their own culture.

Food and Nutrition Services

As a part of this organization we at ‘Food & Nutrition Services’ as a department facilitate catering over 5000 meals a day across various centers which includes six schools, seven universities, various office complexes and multiple special events every day. We strive to ensure that every meal served has the right balance between customization, taste and above all nutrition. We believe that a healthy & hygienic meal is the right of every student, faculty & staff within Qatar Foundation and it is our duty to cater to it.

We also run nutrition clinics, cooking classes, awareness events to educate the community about the benefits of healthy eating & cooking in their lives. We think we share and are in line with the mission of Chef Jamie Oliver and that is how we decided that we need to take part in the Food Revolution Day and be a part of this global event.

The International Food Festival

The international food festival was an attempt to celebrate the diversity which lies within this great organization.

We brought to the plates of our colleagues flavors from across the globe over a period of one week culminating with a closing ceremony on the Food Revolution Day which went beyond just exploring the gastronomy of different countries.

During the week we conducted cooking classes every day to educate people of various cuisines, ingredients, cooking techniques and above all a forum to share their thoughts. On the 17th of May we also organized a cooking competition for the community to showcase their cooking skills and share them with each other. In collaboration with local embassies and schools we put together a cultural event to bring people together and celebrate this day with us.

The endeavor was to make this an event an experience which also enriches the QF community with more knowledge and sensitizes them of the culinary culture, heritage and tradition of different countries and people who work alongside them every day.

About the authors: The Food & Nutrition Services department – the organizers of this event, is a part of the support services directorate of Qatar Foundation and facilitates daily food services to the organization by liaising and coordinating with multiple contractors, vendors and entities.


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