Announcing Augustís Monthly Challenges

Announcing Augustís Monthly Challenges

Wed 01 Aug 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Weíre kicking off our Community Ambassador Program this month; find out what weíre asking our voluntary Food Revolution ambassadors to do throughout August and how you can get involved!

Hi Food Revolutionaries!

Since Food Revolution Day commenced, we have been flooded with requests on how to continue the Food Revolution movement. We wanted to create a way for volunteers to engage with communities year round and today, we are excited to announce the kickoff of our monthly challenges.

What Are Monthly Challenges?

Every month, there will be different challenges that will inspire Food Revolutionaries to engage with their communities. They are designed to make deeper connections with the thought leaders in the real food industry and connect with family and friends through fresh food.

At the beginning of every month, the challenges will be announced through a blog post, email, Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to complete as many challenges as you can. As you complete the challenges, let us know how they went. We want to hear your stories, see your pictures and be able to show your successes through our various social media platforms. So get out there, have fun and make sure you share your story with us Ė we could be highlighting what youíve been doing to the world!

The theme for August is focused on Back-to-School and celebrating the last days of summer. Get outside and see whatís going on in your local farmerís market, meet up with family and friends to share summer recipes and support the Food Revolution through your back-to-school shopping!

3 Challenges For August:

1. Meet 5 vendors or farmers at your local farmerís market. Talk to them about the Food Revolution! Ask if they would be interested in finding out more and participating in next yearís Food Revolution Day.

2. Gather your friends and host a potluck where everyone makes their favorite real food recipe. Need recipe ideas? Check out our recipe of the month Ė our Evolution Tomato Salad Make sure to use seasonal and local ingredients wherever possible.

3. Getting ready for back-to-school? Help support the Food Revolution at the same time! Download the Giving Assistant and make all your back-to-school shopping count as each purchase you make online with our retail partners will generate funds for better food education. Find out more and download the Giving Assistant to start fundraising for free today!

Donít forget to keep us updated on your progress by emailing our community manager, by tweeting us @foodrev and by posting on our Food Revolution Community facebook page. We canít wait to see how it goes!

Do you have suggestions for next monthís challenges?

Let us know at

Have fun!

The Food Revolution Team


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