Back to School Basics: Healthy Kid-Friendly Food 101

Back To School Basics: Healthy Kid-Friendly Food 101

Fri 30 Sep 2011

Story by @RecipeDiva

The warm weather and summer BBQs are behind us. Now the crisp cool air brings the smell of fall and a good reason to drink warm apple cider.Fall also means its back to school time for the kids. New school clothes, pens, pencils and healthy food to keep them energized and focused throughout the day.

On Tuesday, September 27, The Recipe Diva (@RecipeDiva) hosted a Twitter party with the Food Revolution Community. The topic of conversation: Back to School Bites: Foods to help your child succeed.

The party had a great turnout and the community was able to cover food basics for a typical school day: low-sugar breakfast, mid-morning healthy snacks and a well-balanced dinner. We skipped lunch... figured Jamie Oliver has educated us all about the importance of healthy school lunches!

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Q1. What do you make your kids for breakfast to keep them energized throughout the morning?

@lanaprekprogram Yogurt smoothies are a quick eat (but requires prep if you are up to it).

@JaimeMorlin We make homemade granola in big batches. Goes good on yogurt or w milk (Oats, almonds, raisins, coconut, and sometimes dried cranberries)

Q2. Now that we know we need to serve our kids healthy, low sugar fresh foods for brekkie, lets talk mid-morning snacks...

@jjmacvay Check this out, if you make fun shapes with veggies, I think kids would like them even more!

@crunchacolor Easy and yummy! RT @deltagardener Use plain yogurt, add herbs for flavor and use as veggie dip. Chives are good.

Q3. How about a “go-to” side dish? (Note: bonus points for fresh, healthy ingredients & veggies from the garden!)

@MealPlanMom @lanaprekprogram we have lots of broccolini but just got honey crisp apples this summer.

@RecipeDiva Here’s a suggestion: @RecipeDiva’s recipe for Minted Beans, Snaps, and Peas:

It was a gathering of great people, all who appreciate and go above and beyond to keep kids healthy and focused on a daily basis. Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation. To join additional foodie conversations or share healthy recipes, visit

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Join next week’s Twitter party on Tuesday October 4th at 4pm EDT / 7pm EDT hosted by The Food Revolution Team @FoodRevTeam.


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