Bagged Lunches for Back to School

Bagged Lunches For Back To School

Thu 11 Aug 2011

Story by Carrol Pedersen & Leanna Young

Twitter Revolutionaries Share Bagged Lunches for Back to School

The Food Revolution Community continues to inspire and amaze us! The enthusiasm shown during the “Bagged Lunches for Back-to-School” Twitter Party was overwhelming, and we were delighted to be this week’s guest hosts. It certainly was apparent that there are lots of lucky little lunchers out there that get to munch on the delicious meals their parents/caregivers pack for them. Lunches made with love. Thank you, Food Revolutionaries - we enjoyed every minute of the Twitter Party!

Twitter Party: (#FoodRevParty) Tuesday, August 9, 2011 @ 4pm PST/7pm EST

Theme: Bagged Lunches for Back-to-School

Recipe of the week: Chicken Fajitas! Make ‘em, snap a photo of your fabulous creation and post it to the Food Revolution Community Facebook Page for all to see. Ole!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over for those of us in North America and that our children will soon be returning to school (or already have done so in some areas)! Back-to-school also means back to making school lunches – a task that many parents do not enjoy and find frustrating.

Participants of the “Bagged Lunches for Back-to-School” Twitter Party shared their favorite lunch items to pack for their children, swapped ideas on how to beat the sandwich blues, as well as so many other valuable tips. Thank you to all who joined the Party, we hope you found the discussion informative, and will help you welcome the new school year with some inspiring nutritious and fun bagged lunch ideas for your children.

Party Questions and Some of the Best Tweets

Q1. What is your child’s favorite type of sandwich that you pack for his/her school lunch?

@JaimeMorlin My daughter likes mini whole wheat bagels with turkey cheese and basil

Q2. What are some other main entrée ideas (other than sandwiches)?

@Erin_Jeffery My kid also is a big fan of crudités...fresh veggies, pita crisps and beet hummus to dip.

@KidHealthy Leftover stir-fry with tofu, bell peppers, zucchinis & brown rice! It never gets old & it's easy!

Q3. How do you deal with food allergies in schools? (i.e. peanuts, etc.)

@Lynn_Stone We pack. Every day. We know exactly what our son eats! Our school is on the ball - open communication is key!

Q4. Do you send any pre-packaged foods in your child’s lunch? If so, what do you send?

@SeptemberAcres We pack everything in reusable snack bags or stainless steel containers...inside a PVC-free insulated lunch bag :)

Q5. Do you pack fruit or veggies, or some of both? If so, what type/kind?

@FoodFun Both! Veggies to start and fruit as a dessert. Avocado, broccoli, cantaloupe, watermelon

@Eatingarainbow We always pack fruits & veggies!! Favs: cucumber, celery, snow peas, olives, apples, grapes, pears

Q6. What kind of yummy treats do you pack?

@Erin_Jeffery My kids favorite treat is fruit...he's a blueberry junky!

Q7: Do you send a drink with your child’s lunch? If so, what type/kind?

@Familyfeedbag Empty cup. He gets water at preschool.

@Muffintinmom We alternate between water, milk, and 100% juice and they have a reusable BPA free water bottle

Q8. Do you have any final tips to making school lunches easier and/or quicker?

@EatingMadeEasy Do “themes” each week i.e. Mexican/Italian so you can reuse same ingredients in new ways & keep food fun

Next Party: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 7pm PST/10pm EDT – guest host @Scatteredmom! Can’t wait to hear the topic! Big thank you to all who joined us this week and helped make this a fun evening for everyone!

About the authors/hostesses: Carrol and Leanna are from Sooke, British Columbia, Canada and are proud moms to 2 children each. Their interest in healthy school lunches was sparked when they questioned the nutritional value of the foods served to their own children while at school. They also learned that many parents find it challenging to create healthy kid-friendly lunches… so Carrol and Leanna started Lunchalicious Food Services – where nutritious and fun lunches are delivered to schools in the Greater Victoria area. They enjoy working with other like-minded people in their community to promote healthy eating, and using local and/or organic ingredients.

Leanna Young or Carrol Pedersen
Lunchalicious Food Services 250-588-7616

Twitter: @Lunchalicious

Images: Smiling Rain Photography


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