Be Inspired To Cook From Scratch!

Be Inspired To Cook From Scratch!

Thu 06 Oct 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Be Inspired To Cook From Scratch With A Look Back At Our Food Revolution Cook-Offs So Far.

We’ve had twenty two weeks of amazing Food Revolution cook-offs. Each week we have launched a new recipe theme and our fantastic community has taken it upon themselves to create their own versions and share their recipes, ideas, tips and photos with us and each other.

If you are looking for some recipe and cooking inspiration, here’s a selection of just some of our amazing Food Revolution community’s recipes:


Broccoli Slaw by The Cooking Fairy – Red cabbage, cucumber and broccoli with a combination of chipotle peppers, mayo, lime juice and cumin.

Confetti Quinoa by Jordan Anderson - Quinoa cooked in veg stock, with diced red onion, red and green peppers, peas, tossed with lemon and citrus olive oil.

Baby Potatoes by Jodi S - Baby potatoes halved, olive oil, shredded cheese, diced onion and pepper, garlic, wrap in foil. Heat 375 30min.


Sweet Spring Salad by Stephanie Rempe - Fresh picked baby greens, thin red onion, crumbled feta w/ honey balsamic vinaigrette.

Breakfast Salad by Kristilyn Robertson - Lightly steamed green beans, heirloom tomatoes, asparagus and spinach topped w/lemon and poached egg.

South of the Border Grilled Corn Salad by Jaime Morlin - Grilled Corn, Grape Tomatoes, Feta, Cilantro, Lime, Cumin, Olive Oil.


Sloppy Joe’s by Irene Roberts - low fat ground pork, topped it with fresh tomatoes and Feta and served it on flat bread.

Greek Lamb Lipsmackers Kebabs by Jaime Morlin - Lamb with olive oil and SandP, grilled with mint Greek yogurt sauce -yogurt, garlic, mint, lemon juice.

Salmon Fish Cakes by Maggie Driscoll - Fresh salmon, toasted pine nuts, dry-farmed tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, egg, bread crumbs. Linguini and asparagus on the side.


Sourdough Pizza by Richard Simon - Sourdough pizza crust made using a Neapolitan style recipe and cooked in a wood fired oven, topped with prosciutto ham and fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and fresh basil.

Homemade Pizza by Elodie Galland With grated courgettes, sliced peppers and dried tomatoes.

Rainbow Pizza by The Organic Trail - red tomato sauce, orange bell pepper, yellow tomatoes, green zucchini, blue basil, and purple eggplant with mozzarella.


Slow Roasted Garlic Tomatoes by Out of the Box Food - Puree white beans with a bit of olive oil and salt. Spread puree on grilled, garlic rubbed bread and top with roasted tomatoes. Finish with a bit of fresh Buffalo Mozzarella. Recipe.

Vegetarian Curry by Karen Humphrey Our favorite vegetarian curry-you don't miss the meat at all!

Portobello Sliders by Kim Gerber Meatless Monday Family Style for Labor Day – Portobello mushrooms, tomato, red onion, feta cheese and skinny fries, find the full recipe here.


Breakfast Eggs by Rosinha De Maracajaú – Eggs beaten with spinach and herbs before folding, spread thin slices of fresh mozzarella, add smoked salmon on top, the best breakfast.

Tender Vixen Omelet by Selena - 3 eggs whipped with diced chives, with grilled asparagus with butter and sea salt folded in with crumbled feta. We also made a bacon and tomato omelet, a courgette and parmesan omelet and a good old mushroom omelet.

Potato Crusted Frittata by Out of the Box Food - bliss potatoes, olive oil and sea salt zucchini, red onion and zucchini flowers - Kids helped w/ the recipe...therefore they ate it and learned they liked zucchini!


Fruit salad and berry by Joi Burke Straaten – soy yogurt, maple syrup, oats and almond milk, toasted coconut and chopped almonds.

Homemade Icecream Sandwiches by Kim Gerber – made with Oatmeal cookie recipe and filled them with an assortment of all natural ice creams.

Oat Cupakes by Cindy Lahnan Deutsch – banana, orange, cranberry, oat and nut cupcakes.

Check out all the Food Revolution teams’ recipe creations here and see all our Food Revolution cook-off articles and recipes here.

Don’t forget to post your creations on our Facebook Food Revolution Community page.


The Food Revolution Team


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