Blog of the Month: ArNórdica

Blog Of The Month: ArNórdica

Thu 29 Aug 2013

Story by Noelia Fernandez

Hello everyone, my name is Noelia and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. ArNórdica emerged a few years ago after finishing my studies to become a Chef and Tea Sommelier. The career was short and my hunger of knowledge big. I was in need of a place to share what I was constantly learning - ideas, flavors and textures.

The name, ArNórdica, is due to my love for the Nordic culture, even being an Argentinian without relatives there!

It all started through social networks, to which I owe the best friends anyone can have! Many years of long talks late at night and the chance to meet them in person made me discover a new world, full of lovely things … and I had to share that with everyone!

After some months I started to read about the Food Revolution all over the world, how obesity was a growing problem and how even my friends didn’t know how to cook at home, something that was easy and normal as brushing my teeth for me. From my small place I had to do something …

How Easy and Fun Cooking Can Be

In mid-2012 I was lucky enough to become a Volunteer Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s global Food Revolution movement and I joined the mission to promote good eating, get back to the basics (cooking at home), use seasonal products, etc. This was a proposal more tan attractive to me, specifically because everyone can get involved.

I try to use Arnórdica as a way to connect with everyone, showing how easy and fun cooking can be! To open some minds about how important what we eat is and why we should buy local. There is also a special section where I share some tips about how to build your own Green garden, it’s not always an easy task but it’s worth the effort.

Some of my favorite posts are:
No-knead bread with super crunchy crust
Mexican Tacos

There is nothing you can’t do at home! Even your favorite delivery options can be cooked in your house with fresh ingredients, and guess what? It will be cheaper and it will taste better.

About the Author: Noelia Fernandez is a Chef and Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the owner of You can follow her over @OhNoelia.


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