Blog of the Month: Chasing Tomatoes

Blog Of The Month: Chasing Tomatoes

Mon 30 Apr 2012

Story by Karen Humphrey

Chasing Tomatoes’ focuses on real food and teaching people that making food from scratch doesn't have to be time consuming or really hard, but actually that it is fun and delicious!

Chasing Tomatoes’ is what I joke is my "accidental" food blog, because it really started as a way to share my recipes with a step daughter who lives in Calgary. To my surprise, people loved the recipes and the response was so great that I couldn't stop!

My 16 year old son Kevin is also involved in the blog, and often comes with me to food events. I love having his perspective on things and we enjoy cooking together. He mostly eats, (while I mostly cook) but he is also very knowledgeable about food and has great opinions. ‘Chasing Tomatoes’ also features what Kevin cooks once in a while, when he is inclined to cook (like most teens, he mostly prefers that I do it!).

All the recipes on ‘Chasing Tomatoes’ are recipes that we have made, and eaten (usually shortly after the photo is taken). It features a lot of baking, because I think home baked treats are much healthier than anything store bought and everything, including treats, are fine in moderation.

Chasing Tomatoes’ also features cookbooks that I have bought and enjoyed, so that people will have high quality resources/recipes when they cook on their own.

This summer, since we are not going on a road trip so won't be able to do our ‘Food Revolution Road Trip’, I'll be doing a lot of local exploring and start a series called "Local Eats", talking about farmers, producers, and local food available in my area and Vancouver.

I was also really inspired by Jamie this year to start a container garden for herbs and vegetables, so we'll see how that goes! So far, I have lettuce greens sprouting! I am not a natural gardener-in fact, I kill most things! The fact that Jamie convinced me to get my hands dirty with plants is quite the accomplishment!

Head over to 'Chasing Tomatoes' to find out more and follow the story there!

About the author: Karen Humphrey is a true Food Revolutionary, Karen created Food Revolution Fridays, goes on Food Revolution road trips each summer and is a regular at the the Food Revolution twitter parties.


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