Blog of the Month: Eating Well in 2013

Blog Of The Month: Eating Well In 2013

Wed 27 Mar 2013

Story by Food Revolution Team

Having written an article about New Year's resolution for the Food Revolution, Aix Rech was started her own blog to document her journey in 2013.

Having read that "writing your resolutions double the chances of success", Alix was inspired for these New Year's resolutions to be taken seriously she decided she had to do what it takes to make it work.

"I didn't realise at first but it was going to motivate me in a way nothing did before. I met people writing about the same kind of resolutions, people's stories inspired me and I hope I inspire some bloggers too. I write about my adventure: this new lifestyle, being human not Wonder Woman-like, ups and downs and recipes that work well."

When she started her blog, Alix's main aims were to follow her resolutions all year and possibly longer and to share her experience in order to hopefully inspire others. But she has seen learned that she has actually already got a lot more out of it - learning a lot from other bloggers and motivating one another in their missions.

Another aim of the blog was to learn nutrition related facts, at her own pace, and share these with others. "I knew that if I wrote about nutrition on my blog, I'd have to make sure the info I put out there has been researched carefully (by me). A good way of learning!"

Some favorite posts include ‘February Recap’ and ‘Morning run in morning sun’ - about a day that Alix realised that when your New Year's resolutions are easily achievable, it can lead you to go a bit further.

Some favorite recipes!

Mushroom and asparagus crust-free quiche to which a blogger brought an even healthier version.

My lovely ratatouille. So full of flavours!

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The Food Revolution Team


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