Blog of the Month: Peace and Love in the Kitchen

Blog Of The Month: Peace And Love In The Kitchen

Tue 30 Jul 2013

Story by Waverly Gage

When I had children, I decided that cooking fresh and wholesome meals needed to be a priority. Figuring it out has been a journey.

Our world is full of cooking websites, shows, books, and magazines. Even with all of that inspiration, most people (many of my friends included) do not cook. It's too easy not to. They can order in, pick up, buy ready-made, or go out, and more often than not, they do. Because they don't cook, the idea of it becomes overwhelming.

Making Cooking a Habit

That is why I set up a website about how to feed a family. The message is this: Life is not perfect and neither are you. Do not concern yourself with cooking to please everyone or making any of it look pretty. Just cook. Keep it fresh; keep it seasonal; and cook it simply.

With practice and time, all of the pieces will fall into place. When you make cooking a habit, it's easy. It can also become something you look forward to doing everyday. Cooking dinner does not have to be the cross you bare. It can be the highlight of your day. Eating with your family is about more than filling hungry bellies. The family meal is where we connect with those we love most and where children learn invaluable life lessons. I want this to resonate with my readers and for them to see what cooking for a family can look like. It can be simple. I want to inspire them to try it.

I have great recipes on my blog. My three children have approved every post by a vote of at least 2/3. (Because unless it's fried or white, you can never please everyone). The recipes focus on fresh, seasonal food prepared simply. This Summer, I highly recommend Gazpacho Dos. When school begins, you'll want to read Ten Minute Dinners Part I and Ten Minute Dinners Part II. When you have the time, treat your family to a homemade dessert like Coconut Layer Cake.

I also give strategies to make the family meal a happy one. That is actually the real point of the site. Most folks need to know how you get food on the table and why they should bother. How to Feed A Family covers how to plan; how to shop and organize food into meals; how to cook; and how to enjoy the meal together. The Three Bowls is an essential element to our family meal. Along with the main plate of protein, vegetable, and grain, there are three additional bowls on our table: a bowl of raw vegetables, a bowl of fruit, and a green salad. These bowls round out the meal and give children choices. When someone doesn't like what is on their plate, they can fill up on the three bowls.

Cooking is as much about nurturing as it is about nourishing. Ultimately, it is an expression of love.

About the Author: Waverly is a full time mother in South East, Texas. Before having children, she was an attorney. She and her husband enjoyed cooking elaborate meals for their friends on the weekends. These skills did not translate well to the reality of life with children. When the children came along, reality set in. One day at her mother's dinner table, she looked around. She saw the beautiful faces of her small children and her husband...and then she had an epiphany. Somebody was going to have to feed these people every day for at least eighteen more years. At the same time, she felt the weight of the responsibility of teaching them about how to eat well and be healthy in a sugar and junk food world. She would have to find a way to do it. That was the beginning.


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