Blog of the Month: School Bites

Blog Of The Month: School Bites

Wed 30 Jan 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Earlier this month we heard a number of excellent Family Food Goals for 2013 from Stacy Whitman. We loved her six tips for better eating habits so much that we have chosen her blog, School-Bites, as our January Blog of the Month.

Stacy is a mom on a mission to bring more wholesome food and nutrition education to her son’s elementary school in central Idaho. Her crusade for better nourished kids, both at school and at home is full of recipes, ideas and tips for how to get your children excited about food, helpful links and lots of resources for changing the food at school.

Stacy’s Mission

“Last year, when my oldest son was a kindergartner, I was shocked and frustrated by the steady stream of cupcakes, candy, ice cream, hot dogs and other not-so-healthy foods being served up at classroom parties and school events. At least once a week, it seemed that she would find blue frosting smeared on his face at pick-up. Then came Valentine’s Day week, when his class celebrated with sweet treats on three separate occasions—and he came home toting a giant bag of candy. For me, it was the final straw. I felt like I had to try and do something to change the situation. I approached a couple "real food" moms of older students (5th and 6th grade). They both shook their heads and told me not to bother because nothing would ever change. But I just couldn't accept it. So I approached the school principal about starting a wellness committee and started my blog in hopes of gaining support.”

Stacy believes that by improving school nutrition, we will make things easier for parents, who need all the help that they can get trying to raise a healthy family. We’ll make things easier for teachers, who will have students that are better able to focus and learn. And most important, we’ll be doing a big favor to our kids, who need wholesome food to grow and thrive.

On the Blog

Stacy has had the opportunity to interview Karen Le Billon, author of French Kids Eat Everything, and fellow Food Revolution Blog of the Month author. Like Karen, Stacy knows that parents tend to want simple solutions, and her blog is full of great answers. Her favourite posts featuring ideas and recipes for healthy classroom parties have been the most popular posts on the blog.

Simple tips for Healthy Classrooms

In November, Stacy posted ideas for a natural red and green holiday food celebration that helped parents and chaperones plan healthy holiday parties. The post was picked up by Food Day and shared to promote Stacy’s ideas.

Another favorite post featured 18 fun cupcake alternatives and ways to celebrate without food. The post is complete with recipe links for healthier treats, and an all-star list of ideas to make classroom parties special without all the junk.

The issue is personal.

For Stacey, the issue is personal- her desire for her own children to be well nourished throughout the day is leading her quest into creating change. She is not a food extremist, and she works hard to make sure that her children have a balanced approach to food. Learn more about Stacy’s crusade on and share ideas and tips in the comments section.

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