Blog of the Month - The Scoop on Nutrition

Blog Of The Month - The Scoop On Nutrition

Tue 28 May 2013

Story by Emma Stirling, APD

The Scoop on Nutrition – A Healthy Relationship with Food

One of my motivations for setting up the blog over three years ago was realising that there was overwhelming nutrition confusion and many urban myths that needed to be set straight, in order for people to have a healthy relationship with food.

Our descriptor for the site is “Hot news bites with a healthy serve of what’s in flavour”. We scoop up the latest nutrition news from around the globe and also tackle those hot questions you’ve always wanted to have answered by an expert dietitian. All of our guest posts are written by Australian dietitians, with a few international friends.

Food Lovers with a Passion for Good Taste

Based in Melbourne, we also talk about our amazing local produce, farmers, chefs and food festivals and encourage more people to understand and respect food provenance. And rest assured, we are food lovers too with a passion for good taste.

A Vegetable Love Affair

If I had a choice between a carrot cake and a carrot, I know the cake would generally win. But I do think about vegetables rather a lot – I seek them out and crave them when they’re not around. So you could in fact say I have a vegetable love affair.

When I eat out at a restaurant I’m often looking at the salads and sides first to see what scrummy concoctions chef has applied to the broccoli, green beans and spinach. And even though my kids get their treats (and some junk food), I’m very proud to say Miss Eleven’s favourite food is globe artichokes. You can read more about the research on getting kids to eat veg here.

When we whip up veg we use culinary oils, herbs, garlic, spices and other aromatics to add flavour. You’ll also find loads of deliciousness and better-for-you treat recipes on Scoop Nutrition too, like my Baked ANZAC doughnuts.

Keeping Cooking Skills Alive

My passions include cooking skills - just like Jamie. I fundamentally believe in the need to promote and protect culinary education as a path to good health, happiness and harmony in life. In fact, the first post I wrote over three years ago, the Food Revolution was just getting going!

Food Revolution Day

As I was at a conference at a hospital looking at ways to improve hospital food and allergen awareness on May 17, I set up a blog challenge for our Scoop Nutrition community to embrace.

They had to pick a fave Jamie Oliver recipe, source local or hero ingredients, cook it and share it. We have a great commenting tool on the blog that allows people to upload the pic of their meal and it was so exciting to see the creative dishes flood in and then be shared on twitter, our Scoop Nutrition Facebook page and instagram.

Check out our post here and my version of Jamie’s Chicken Garden Soup that I carried in a thermos and slurped on Food Revolution Day. I was also able to send it off with my family for their lunch and give them warm, nurturing love through food.

About the Author: Emma Stirling APD is a highly experienced Australian Accredited Practising Dietician who specialises in nutrition communication. She is a health writer for magazines, cook book co-author, media commentator and runs a nutrition consulting business for the food, health and hospitality industries. Connect with Emma on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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