Blog of the month: Top With Cinnamon

Blog Of The Month: Top With Cinnamon

Thu 28 Aug 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

This month, we’re highlighting some lovely treat style recipes through the food blog Top With Cinnamon. Started three years ago by 18-year-old Izy (when she was 15!) in London, UK, Top With Cinnamon brings together a multitude of culinary delights, ranging from the indulgent to the wholesome and hearty, and mostly all sweet.

I grew up surrounded by food-loving people a.k.a. everyone in my family. My Italian-American mum and English dad always involved me in cooking and baking so I was passionate about it from a young age. After I discovered the world of food blogs I decided to start my own, Top With Cinnamon, just over three years ago when I was 15 years old. Last year I started writing and photographing my first cookbook based on the blog (but with entirely new recipes) which is due to be released next month!

As I adore baking (/eating!) cakes and such, I try to find ways to make them healthier. I love the challenge of using new ingredients and finding clever ways to change recipes. I'm looking forward to the coming year as I'm taking a gap year in which I'll be continuing my blog and pursuing my career in the food and photography world. After that I'll be studying Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds University which I hope will help me improve my blog content even more.” – Izy Hossack, Top With Cinnamon

Check out some of these great posts and be inspired to get baking! Healthy banoffee parfaits, apricot salsa quesadillas and deep dish salted whole wheat vegan cookies,

Here’s to enjoying some sweet treats this autumn!

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


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