Bragging about Burgers

Bragging About Burgers

Thu 25 Aug 2011

Story by @RecipeDiva

It was the perfect night for a backyard BBQ, it’s almost as though you could smell aroma of meat cooking on the grill. On Tuesday, August 23, The Recipe Diva (@RecipeDiva) hosted a backyard BBQ via Twitter with the Food Revolution Community. The topic of this week’s #FoodRevParty conversation: Summer BBQs - perfecting the menu using fresh and healthy ingredients.

The Recipe Diva went strait to the grill and asked for burger suggestions:

RecipeDiva Check out @RecipeDiva’s recipe for the “All American Burger.” What is on your “perfect burger,” any unique ingredients? #foodrevparty

The community offered up some great suggestions, including:

Lady_Holliday @RecipeDiva #foodrevparty: I love fresh grated horseradish on mine.

JJMacVay Has anyone tried beetroot on their burger? Very popular down under! #foodrevparty

Theorganictrail @RecipeDiva 1 favorite is a buffalo chicken burger. #foodrevparty

@RecipeDivaWe love chicken burgers with fresh pineapple...yum! #foodrevparty

Jamie Oliver’s “Salmon Fish Cakes” were also part of the conversation. Once the burgers were done, @RecipeDiva served up a few sides (grilled tuna and mango salad, goat cheese potato stackers) and ended with dessert (strawberry basil popsicles).

It was a gathering of great people, all who appreciate and enjoy delicious, fresh and healthy food.

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Earlier this year, The Recipe Diva launched a campaign to raise awareness and donations for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”. The Recipe Diva donated one dollar for every new registered user on over the coarse of a month.The result of the “Recipe Revolution” …over 500 new users for a $546 donation to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!


The Recipe Diva

Join next week’s Twitter party on Tuesday August 30th at 7pm EDT / 10pm EDT guest hosted by Brenda Thompson @MealPlanMom.


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