Calling Our Event Hosts, We Want To Hear From You!

Calling Our Event Hosts, We Want To Hear From You!

Wed 23 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

This weekend gone, people all over the world joined together to celebrate real food with their friends, family and community at over 1,000 events worldwide. We’re still completely amazed by the fantastic participation from people in 664 cities across 62 countries, and as you can see our map is filled with stars representing real food events!

Did You Host An Event?

While there are lots of events already on the map, we keep hearing about more and more events that are not! So if you haven’t already why not head over to our map and register your event from last weekend through the dinner party option (even if it wasn’t a dinner party!) to help us see how many events really took place and where! You can also get in touch with is via Facebook and Twitter we’d love to hear from you.

Share Your Food Revolution Day Experience!

Lots of amazing events took place over the weekend and already we’re beginning to hear stories of people who have been inspired to buy a new recipe book, or attend their local farmers market or grocery store since attending a Food Revolution Day event. Find out how you can see your Food Revolution Day experience and photos with us here. We’d also really appreciate your feedback, take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about the day, so we can make sure that Food Revolution Day 2013 is even bigger and better!

Your Donations

If you collected donations at your Food Revolution Day event rather than online and haven’t managed to donate them yet, you can do so through the ‘donate’ option at Simply select the ‘donate’ button on the right hand side of the red banner and then your country. Alternatively if you do not wish to donate online, you can email us for more details.

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and standing up for real food on May 19. Now’s the time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate Food Revolution Day 2013!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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