Catch Up on Jamie’s Live #FRD2013 Google Hangout

Catch Up On Jamie’s Live #FRD2013 Google Hangout

Wed 22 May 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

To celebrate some of the amazing things happening all over the world for Food Revolution Day, we hosted a live conversation with Jamie and food revolutionaries celebrating the day across the world.

Hosted by the legendary Anna Lappé, our Food Revolution Day Google+ Hangout highlighted just how far and wide the Food Revolution has reached and showed what a global impact the day has had.

Joining the hangout with Jamie and Anna were Food Revolution Ambassadors Lindsey Shifley from Illinois, Oscar Hinojosa from Mexico, Juna Alawadhi from Kuwait and Shane Valentine who was joined with Nicole Roll from Whole Foods in San Francisco. Also joining the hangout were the amazing Google Chefs Jason Crayne, Norell Van Krieken and Bill Billenstein from Mountain View and Los Angeles in California.

Here are some of our favorite quotes that highlight the day’s inspirational moments:

Jamie “What’s really special about that is that you get small groups, small groups of people that want positive change – they want things to get better in schools, in the workplace. You get people who wouldn’t normally have the confidence or the platform to stand up and shout loud.”

Anna “It also makes us feel that much more connected and that much less alone. Sometimes ticking on and trying to change the way we eat feels so huge, but knowing that there are thousands, millions of people around the world makes it feel that much more possible.”

Juna “So joining the Food Revolution is like growing our community even bigger… It’s amazing seeing people evolve with us and being bigger every year.”

Bill “Today on Revolution Day we have brought the Venice farmer’s market here to the Google campus Los Angeles courtyard. So it doesn’t get more accessible than that – they’re going to be out there all day, they’ve got the vegetables, and we’ve given them some tools of what to do with it. On top of that I’m going to have several demos out there today were Googlers are going to actually cook their own lunches.”

Jason “I think it’s awesome what you’re doing with getting kids involved because that’s the building blocks of the next generation. If we can change it with them, the adults have to follow, eventually.”

Lindsey “I didn’t cook very often for my kids and I certainly wasn’t using the freshest ingredients. At first, they had I call them the “bad food eyes.” They didn’t recognize it, they looked at it, and they thought, “no way mom, I’m not eating this!” It took a while for them to trust me, and of course, I didn’t cook as great as I am now, so some of it wasn’t as good. I have been having them cook with me and when they prepare it, absolutely that kind of turns that corner and they are so much more willing to try it. They might not eat the whole plate, but now they’ll try foods they absolutely refused and whined about it.”

Shane “We brought in a fish monger [into our school cooking lessons] and we brought in a whole salmon and they fileted it and cooked it. We did a sushi rolling contest and we did and Iron Chef Competition where we put groceries in a bag and they had twenty minutes to make something. It was just magical and we didn’t teach them recipes, we taught them skills.

Nicole “One of the most rewarding thing we can do it to get out into the community and work with the kids, teaching them about food education as they learn how to cook good food that tastes good.”

Anna “People are really standing up and people are really trying to connect with real food and not just here in the United States but all around the world.”

Nicole “Those are the moments that really matter – it shows that all the work we are doing is really resonating with these kids and changing the way that they think about food and they are really proud, and I love that we can be a part of this.”

Jamie “One person can make a difference. More importantly, two or three people or a group of people can make a lot of difference. And getting people to trust that they can do that is the important thing.”

At the end of the Hangout Shane and Nicole at Whole Foods presented Jamie and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation with a check for $166, 565.00 which represents 5% of their proceeds for an entire day in the in the Nor Cal and Reno region. Find out more about their 5% day here.

Watch the whole hangout here and see Jamie chatting with Food Revolutionaries from the US, UK, Kuwait and Mexico to catch just a snippet of what was happening across the globe (and also check out Oscar offering his services as an attorney to Jamie!).

Catch up on the full day and see some of the amazing photos and videos from activities here. Did you celebrate Food Revolution Day? We want to know what you got up to – send your photos, stories and videos to us at, share them on our Facebook Food Revolution Community or tweet them to @foodrev using the hash tag #FRD2013.

Thanks for joining us and celebrating food and the importance of food education!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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