Celebrating Food Revolution Day with a Traditional Greek Barbecue

Celebrating Food Revolution Day With A Traditional Greek Barbecue

Thu 27 Jun 2013

Story by Eleni Stefanou

I first heard about Food Revolution Day last summer and I was really sorry I missed the opportunity to celebrate the First Food Revolution Day. But since then I never stopped watching the news from Jamie Oliver and his team and I was looking forward to this year’s celebration. Jamie’s words and videos are always inspiration and I wanted to be part of that special day.

I am food blogger myself and through my website I try to “advertise” the benefits of home cooking, the benefits of using organic and fresh products and how easy and enjoyable is to cook from scratch for you and your family.

A Traditional Greek BBQ

My hubby and I thought for this year’s Food Revolution Day we could take advantage of the marvelous Greek spring weather and our wonderful view of our roof top so we decided to gather most of our friends and have a BBQ with traditional Greek dishes. All of us have tasted before these dishes in tavernas or family houses but we wanted to prepare and grill these dishes ourselves. Our BBQ was a traditional pork meal called kontosouvli whose recipe, secrets and grilling method passes through the men of the family and my hubby happily shared with his friends.

So we gathered wearing our aprons, and we started preparing. The ladies marinated and seasoned the meat and prepared the salads with fresh and organic vegetables. I am a fan of using fresh herbs on my cooking so we –my girl friends and I- had a little lesson above my herb pots outside my kitchen! It was very fun to see a few women smelling and tasting fresh oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary and chive. The men had to prepare the hot coals for our BBQ and take care of the meat and our drinks. Men look so handsome when they help at cooking!

Food is Essential to Our Lives

Some of us thought at the beginning of the day that this would be difficult and time consuming but at the end we all realized we had the best day ever, we didn’t get tired and we enjoyed our efforts.

For those who didn’t know about Food Revolution Day we made some flyers to explain about the day and Jamie Oliver’s efforts to teach people that it is not hard to cook, it is not time consuming, and it is not expensive but instead it is healthy, funny and very relaxing! At the end we let the moon close the night with the best way and we all promised to do it again in a larger scale letting more people know that FOOD is the only thing that keep us alive so it must always be good and healthy and it must be shared with all our love!

Please feel free to join us and enjoy with us events like this, traditional recipes and many interesting articles for cooking, nutrition and health.

About the author: Eleni Stefanou ia a 30year-old food lover. She lives in Athens with her husband who shares the same love for cooking, authentic tastes and discovering old, traditional recipes, planting veggies and trying to have a more "organic" life.


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