Celebrating Real Food In The 3rd LIVE Hangout

Celebrating Real Food In The 3rd LIVE Hangout

Wed 24 Oct 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Today saw the third LIVE Food Revolution Community Hangout where we were joined by inspiring Food Revolutionaries across the world to celebrate real food and talk about how making connections can help create lasting change.

As today is the second annual Food Day, we celebrated this great movement, and discussed how through initiatives such as this we can all work to shape a better future.

Joining us on this third live hangout were:

Catherine Kastleman, Food Day Project Coordinator,
Debra Williams, Food Revolution Ambassador from Pittsburgh, USA
Leonora Reed, Food Revolution Ambassador from London, UK
Madalyn Turner, Food Revolution Ambassador and Food Day participant from Charleston, USA
Alan Mak, member of One Young World Advisory Board and Ambassador, London, UK
• Moderator Jo Creed, Social Media and Food Policy Manager, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

Watch the full hangout here.

Real Food Rocks

We asked our participants how they would describe the Food Revolution in 3 words, here's what they came up with:

- Just Eat Real
- Real Food Rocks
- Back to Basics
- Necessary and Life Changing
- Healthy Lives Now
- Real Food Awesome
- Make a Difference

How would you describe the Food Revolution in 3 words? Tweet us, facebook us, or post your 3 words on G+!

Interested in finding out more about our Google+ Hangouts? Connect with us on our Food Revolution G+ Community page at google.com/+foodrevolutioncommunity.

Here’s to working together and standing up for healthy, affordable, sustainable, real food.

Happy Food Day!

The Food Revolution Team


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