Chefs and Chipotle Unite For LA Food Revolution Fundraiser

Chefs And Chipotle Unite For LA Food Revolution Fundraiser

Wed 03 Aug 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Los Angeles Chefs and Chipotle Mexican Grill unite in an effort to raise funds for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in Los Angeles.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution joins forces with some of LA’s most prominent chefs and restaurants to launch the LA Food Revolution text -in campaign and raise funds to support the development of our food education programs and promote school meals based on fresh, whole ingredients.

Over the next three months more than 100 Los Angeles area restaurants will provide patrons with a text-in card, which allows them to join the Food Revolution with a simple text message and donation of $5. To further increase visibility for the campaign and encourage wider participation, Chipotle Mexican Grill, a Food Revolution partner, will also place postcards in over 50,000 to-go bags in their Los Angeles metro area restaurants during the month of August. Together these two initiatives will reach an estimated 300,000 new Food Revolutionaries across the city. To donate, click here.

Jamie Oliver and his friend Stephane Bombet cooked up this exciting idea during the filming of Jamie’s TV show this spring. Stephane, a fixture in the Los Angeles restaurant scene, recruited some of the city’s top chefs to participate in the cooking competition that took place in Episode 6. When Jamie served them a typical school lunch, they found out just how far the school nutrition system has moved out of the kitchen and into the factory. Shocked and dismayed by the statistic that student obesity levels in Los Angeles are over 42%*, they knew that something more had to be done. They share Jamie’s belief that, if you have basic cooking skills, you can turn a few simple ingredients into a quick, nutritious meal – but without them, your only option is to eat processed food and junk. Now, chefs across the city have come together to support this fundraising campaign to be featured in their restaurants and at local food festivals through October. Find the list of participating chefs and their restaurants by clicking here.

Jamie Oliver and Chipotle Mexican Grill came together last year to raise $1 million for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution through “Boorito,” a Halloween fundraiser designed to highlight the horrors of eating processed food. Steve Ells, also a chef, and founder and co-CEO of Chipotle, and Jamie are both committed to changing the nation’s food system for the better and to improving the way Americans eat by making better food accessible to everyone. Ells’s efforts are focused on Chipotle’s ongoing quest to serve what he calls Food with Integrity, leading the company to serve food that is made with fresh ingredients from more sustainable sources, and prepared using classic cooking techniques. This summer, Chipotle teams up with Jamie again to support the LA Food Revolution text-in fundraiser.

Urban Cultivator joins the initiative as a sponsor of the Food Revolution in Los Angeles. Urban Cultivator, offers products that empower chefs and cooks to grow their own greens and serve them freshly picked. Their products greatly reduce energy consumption and provide more nutritious food by offering easy to use indoor growing systems that eliminate distribution costs.

Visit a participating LA-area restaurant between now and the end of October and you will find a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution card in your bill. The cards ask patrons to make a small donation of $5 by texting JAMIE to 20222.

Visit any LA metro area Chipotle Mexican Grill on Mondays in August and get a free kids meal with purchase of a burrito, salad, burrito bowl or order of tacos. Proceeds will benefit Food Revolution food education programs and building the campaign for better school meals made with fresh, whole ingredients.

The Food Revolution is off to a great start and we are thrilled to be working for change with such passionate and talented chefs and Chipotle Mexican Grill and Urban Cultivator by our side. We also greatly appreciate the support of 206 Inc., who has done the graphic design work for our post cards and OXO who is providing kitchen tools for The Food Revolution cooking programs.

Watch for announcements on the Food Revolution Los Angeles Facebook page to get updates on participating restaurants and to find out how food festivals in Los Angeles will be getting in on the act.

*Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Childhood Obesity: Tipping the Balance Toward Active, Healthy Children, LA Health; July 2008

The Food Revolution Team

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