Chipotle’s $1 million for the Food Revolution

Chipotle’s $1 Million For The Food Revolution

Wed 22 Dec 2010

Story by The Food Revolution Team

It’s that time of year when many of us reflect on the past 12 months and plan for the next. For the Food Revolution 2010 has been action packed, with series 1 of the TV show winning an Emmy, the launch of the Food Revolution recipe book, website and Facebook community page, our number of supporters growing to over 620,000 and series 2 of the TV show confirmed. However, one of the most notable and meaningful moments of 2010 was when Chipotle chose to support the Food Revolution and with its customers raised $1 million for the campaign!

Jamie’s Food Revolution is not just a TV show but a growing national movement that relies upon our partners, sponsors and supporters. Most of you will already know that Jamie and the Food Revolution love Chipotle - the pioneering fast food company proving that food served fast can be nutritious and made with good quality ingredients from sustainable sources. This Halloween they turned their annual free Boorito event in to a fundraiser for the Food Revolution.

The one-day promotion, “Boorito 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food”, offered Chipotle customers dressed as a horrifying processed food a Chipotle burrito (or other entrée) for $2, with proceeds going to the Food Revolution. There was also a costume contest with the grand prize winner receiving $2500 (see the yellow processed food blog above!) and five runners up winning $1000.

“This is a huge boost for the Food Revolution and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this happen - Steve, Chipotle and all the folks who dressed up to raise money to teach American how to eat better. Boorito is such a simple but brilliant idea and to raise $1 million is just fantastic.Jamie

“This was a great promotion that allowed us to help our customers better understand the importance of eating wholesome, sustainably raised food rather than the processed food so many people have come to depend on. Because of the amazing support we received, we are able to make a sizeable contribution to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to help him continue to spread that important message.” Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle

Jamie and Steve are both committed to changing the US food system for the better and improving the way Americans eat by making better food accessible to everyone. Steve’s efforts are focused on Chipotle’s ongoing quest to serve what he calls “Food with Integrity,” and Jamie wants to get people to cook again, to replace processed food with fresh, unprocessed meals when they eat out, in schools and at home. Chipotle’s contribution of $1 million will help us to achieve this.

With the high statistics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in this US, where children are the first generation not expected to live as long as their parents, switching from processed to fresh food will not only make Americans feel better but it will add years to their lives. Our national movement will bring together millions of people across the country and inspire them to change they way they eat.

2011 will be even busier than this year with Jamie moving to LA in January to start filming series 2 followed by a host of exciting projects set to launch throughout the year - we look forward to sharing all of this with you. From Jamie and the Food Revolution team, thank you to Chipotle and all of our other partners, sponsors and supporters. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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