Coming Up on May 16 - The 3rd Food Revolution Day!

Coming Up On May 16 - The 3rd Food Revolution Day!

Thu 27 Feb 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) Team

The Food Revolution Continues with #FRD2014 on May 16!

“Food Revolution Day is about getting kids excited about food, helping them get food smart, and setting them up for a long, healthy life.” – Jamie Oliver

Children’s health continues to be compromised by unhealthy diets leading toward heart disease, diabetes, and other diet-related illnesses, and this has urged a worldwide call-to-action for a healthier tomorrow today. Led by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the U.K and U.S.A, partners The Good Foundation in Australia and the global team of Food Revolution Ambassadors, Food Revolution Day will provide opportunities for people of all ages to expand their cooking skills so that they may lead healthier, fuller lives, and to unite the world so that everyone can see the joy in cooking.

Food Revolution Day 2014, just like the two before it, will manifest itself in all environments: homes, schools, and workplaces, to show everyone from the child at school to the professional in a corporate office that knowing how to cook with fresh ingredients can better their way of life; it is a life-altering skill that enhances health, both body and mind.

Food Revolution Day registration will be available on the website in early April. There will also be new, unique recipes to cook with kids, families, and friends - we want the world to cook together!

Hundreds of ambassadors, community members and food revolutionaries worldwide will use the day to reinforce that cooking real food doesn't need to be difficult, and that in fact, it is great fun!

This year amazing Ambassadors worldwide have already got some great events in the works, here are just some of their great plans...

Adina Musat in Bucharest Romania plans to organize an open lesson about healthy food, diet and sports for her daughter’s school.

Alexandra Jabr in Rancho Cucamonga, California will host a launching workshop at her local sports training facility on the benefits of natural food against convenient food which she hopes will segue into more workshops.

Juna Alawadhi in Kuwait City, Kuwait has special plans for FRD 2014, top artists are creating a special village in the middle of the most popular mall in Kuwait to educate both young and old about clean, real food.

In Massey, Canada, Janet Owl has contacted the school nutrition coordinator for this year's Food Revolution Day. She will be planning their cooking event for 8th grade students in her community kitchen.

These are just some of the events, and there will be many more this year with the participation of schools, homes, and communities worldwide! Public events hosted by these ambassadors, and private events hosted by small groups within homes and communities, unite to form thousands of events and millions of participants on this worldwide day of food and community, all united by the mission for a healthier lifestyle.

Make Some Noise!

Food Revolution Day is about starting a conversation and making noise, and Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram will be platforms on which anyone can stay connected with the movement:

Facebook: Food Revolution Community
Twitter: @foodrev
Instagram: @foodrev


Tell the world about your new veggie take on lasagna, your favorite healthy salad dressing, or even your favorite way to get your kids to eat their greens. Whether it’s Tweeting, uploading a video on Youtube, or Instagramming your family and friends around a dinner table enjoying the healthy meal prepped by all, the Food Revolution aims to unite everyone’s healthy culinary experiences on Food Revolution Day 2014.

Food Revolution Day 2014 will continue to keep cooking skills alive, and with the participation from all age groups worldwide this May 16th, thousands of people will learn essential cooking skills, gain confidence in the kitchen, and have fun with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors – all in the name of good food!

Start planning your Food Revolution Day event today! Email for more information and resources.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) Team


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