Connecting With The World From Home On FRD2013

Connecting With The World From Home On FRD2013

Fri 05 Jul 2013

Story by Noelia Fernandez

Food Revolution Day is one of my favorite days of the year because millions of people around the world are connected with one mission, using different ideas and hosting events to change the world. Some of us canít find the time and resources to do something large scare, but thatís okay, because as Jamie Oliver says we can ALL be part of Food Revolution Day. Tiny steps also make a huge difference.

Thinking differently

I love reading about what other ambassadors do around the globe every day and their plans for Food Revolution day were not an exception.

So many great ideas and projects involving teaching cooking skills to kids at school, tours to farms and so on! I couldnít help but start feeling like a little kid wanting to be part of all of that, but things are a bit different in my case, I donít have a lot of spare time to be in charge of something that requires weeks of planning and I also donít have the budget to make real some ideas. However, I do have the passion for cooking, the passion to share all my knowledge and learn something new every day Ö and I felt I was not the only one!

Getting connected

Talking with some friends, I started to feel they all wanted to be part of Food Revolution Day but because of their own agenda they couldnít do it last year.

Something had to change for Food Revolution Day 2013!

Millions of foodies run websites and blogs from home where they share ideas and recipes. Itís hard work but they can do it when they have a few minutes of free time. Those amazing foodies (including me) had to be part of Food Revolution Day to send a massive message to the media, and to the world.

We all have a favorite recipe, such as our grannyīs plum pie, tips to grow your own green garden or a picture of last nights dinner with friends or family. The idea was simple and beautiful. Capture that moment, write some text and post it! Share it to the world with some Food Revolution information. It didnít matter if it was at 1am or 1pm.

The result

Each blog and website has a certain number of followers and on May 17 thousands of people learnt about what Food Revolution day is while reading a new and interesting recipe or article. Sometimes a reader decided to start a new post about that too, and then their followers and so on, it was a big snowball and it got bigger and bigger during the day.

Iím very proud to have started this home blogger event and I hope next year the idea will be used in every country!

About the Author: Noelia Fernandez is a Chef and Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the owner of You can follow her over @OhNoelia.


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