Consider The Story of Your Food for #FRD2014

Consider The Story Of Your Food For #FRD2014

Fri 25 Apr 2014

Story by Kirk Bergstrom

What’s the story of your food? That’s the thought-provoking question posed by the Nourish initiative, which offers a wealth of multimedia resources for educators, non-profit organizations, and good food advocates.

Nourish has posted some ideas about how its materials can support Food Revolution Day events in your community, school, and home. They invite you to use the power of visual storytelling to increase food literacy and inspire meaningful change.

Whether you’re organizing a screening and conversation, teaching about food and sustainability, or looking for materials that will spark inquiry and discussion, Nourish has something for you.

Nourish: Food + Community DVD: Hosted and narrated by actress Cameron Diaz, this 26-minute film traces our relationship to food from a global perspective to personal action steps. Features best-selling author Michael Pollan, healthy food advocate Anna Lappé, eco-chef Bryant Terry, and physician Dr. Nadine Burke.

Nourish Short Films: A collection of 54 bite-sized videos on such themes as Farm to Fork, Cooking and Eating, Food and Health, and Edible Education. These one- to two-minute films explore such topics as Know Your Farmer, Cooking Together, School Lunch, and Youth Making Change. Perfect as thought starters and discussion tools.

Nourish Teacher Resource Binder: Beautifully designed and filled with useful materials, the 134-page binder provides a valuable tool kit for increasing food literacy. Contents include the Nourish: Food + Community DVD, Nourish Short Films DVD, Nourish Curriculum Guide, Nourish Reader, Nourish Glossary, and much more.

Nourish Curriculum Guide: Now used in more than 10,000 schools, this engaging food literacy unit includes activities on the Story of Food, Seasonal Food, Food Traditions, Food and Ecosystems, Analyzing Food Ads, School Lunch Survey, and Action Projects. A wonderful way to add context and meaning to Food Revolution Day. Appropriate for grades 4-10. Free download.

Nourish Food System Map and Guide: How can we cultivate systems thinking around food? This richly detailed infographic provides a big-picture view of the people and processes that compose our food web: agricultural, environmental, economic, social, and political. A companion Study Guide offers discussion questions to deepen inquiry. Free download.

In honor of Food Revolution Day, the Nourish initiative is offering a 15% discount on all of its multimedia resources. Just enter the promotional code FRD2014 when using the Nourish online store.

Join Nourish in making food literacy a vital dimension of informed, active citizenship.

About the author: Kirk Bergstrom is the founder and executive director of WorldLink, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education for sustainability. As a filmmaker, Kirk has produced award-winning television including Nourish: Food + Community.


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