Cooking up Change in Fresno

Cooking Up Change In Fresno

Thu 21 Nov 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

With a mission to inspire the community to get back to their kitchens and to empower kids to start cooking, the Big Rig mobile kitchen has created some real food change in Fresno, CA. Since early October, the Big Rig classes have shared essential cooking skills with the people of Fresno, and we wanted to hear some first-hand stories of its impact. We’ve asked one teacher from Tehipite Middle School to share her experience.

Erin Banuelos and her class of 13 students participated in four different cooking classes with the Big Rig Food Truck at their campus – All About Eggs, Fast Food at Home, Perfect Pancakes and The Best Party Food. Here’s what she had to say about the program:

"Being given the opportunity to participate on the Jamie Oliver Food Truck on Tehipite Middle School campus has been a wonderful positive experience for my students. The kiddos that I teach come from a diverse population and also struggle with learning disabilities, such as traumatic brain injury and specific learning disabilities. These kids don’t normally get the opportunity to cook in their own kitchens, so being able to do so on the Big Rig has been a rewarding experience for them. The students come back and tell me what skills they have learned and have been able to apply at home. They are truly able to see how using organic foods and less processed foods can taste much better and, in the long run, help their health. The students want to cook at home and help so that they can apply their new skills in their kitchens. Thank you for this great opportunity that will last a lifetime with my kiddos. I feel blessed that you choose Fresno Unified to make a difference in students’ lives."

Make sure to follow @joffbigrig on Twitter and Instagram to get live updates and see classes in action. Find out more about the Big Rig and the 2013-2014 tour here, and sign up for classes here.

Let’s keep working toward bringing real food knowledge and cooking skills to local communities! Next stop… Bakersfield!

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


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