Cooking Worldwide in 2013!

Cooking Worldwide In 2013!

Mon 28 Jan 2013

Story by Noelia Fernandez

When it comes to eating healthy, we all tend to stay inside our comfort zone: the veggies we know, the recipes we know... and then after a few weeks we are all bored and start eating the same dishes all over again.

One of my many goals for this New Year is to go worldwide!

I’m Argentinian and we’re all very traditional when it comes to food, which is weird because we are a mixture of Italians, Spanish, Germans, Russians and Polish, but if you visit a regular family you will find out meat comes first in the list, then, a lot of flour based dishes such as pizzas, tarts and pasta.

I love them, of course, but this year I wanted to open my mind a little bit more.

Over the last few years I have managed to get some books with amazing Scandinavian, Irish, Australian recipes in them, but they have been falling sleep on my shelves! So I will pick them up and start cooking, take risks, search for those new and weird ingredients and letting my palate travel without a plane ticket!

I've already started in fact by changing our classic pizza to one with more fruits such as pears, blue cheese, onions and it was heaven! We don’t tend to use fruits in our main meals, but now, I can’t help but think that everyone should try it!

Going Sustainable

Having a green garden has always been a dream of mine, a dream that I've tried to make come true many times each year … the goal for this 2013 is to make it sustainable.

Of course I need proper information and tips, the Internet is a great solution for that! If you make a mistake or your lettuce died, Google it! Someone probably had the same problem and knows how to fix it.

Save the seeds for next year, and get friendlier with your garden. It’s not only good for your health, but also for your mind and soul.

Come Over and Get Involved

My other goals include inviting more friends and family over for lunch or dinner! I love having them at my house, planning everything and cooking like crazy, but sometimes it’s so much work that I end up thinking that it should be “only for birthdays”.

I want to simplify that, like Jamie teaches us in his latest TV show, Food can be cooked in minutes and you can involve your guests in the process. They can learn something new, have a great time and at the end of the day it’s just happiness and no complaints!

Spread the Word

Last but equally important, get Argentina more involved in the Food Revolution!

We have amazing chefs, incredible fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. We really have everything and are very lucky - but sometimes we don’t appreciate it as much. Eating local is important! We need to get to know what’s being produced in Argentina and where and get in touch with the producers, chefs, media and so on. We all want the same, so maybe its time to join forces and I want to be part of that!

About the Author: Noelia Fernandez is an Argentinian based Chef and Designer, and Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador. She is the owner of


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