Creating Better Futures For Children in 2013

Creating Better Futures For Children In 2013

Mon 28 Jan 2013

Story by Claire O'Meara

I am excited to welcome in the New Year by indulging a passion and embracing a necessity for everyone, especially the next generation: education.

Life-Changing Goals For 2013

Healthy food and lifestyle education is essential to the health and development of our little ones, and education at a young age will set them up to enjoy health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

In my work as a Health Coach I meet so many adults who have never been taught the basics of healthy eating. Many are currently suffering from a range of health issues from being simply overweight, to diabetes, heart conditions and a host of other ailments.

My resolution this year is to be a part of the consciousness shift for health and wellbeing in my local area, creating better futures for the children from day one, and assisting adults to make the shift towards better health.

I’m working to have the school toolkit from Jamie’s Food Revolution implemented in all my local schools, and aim to have at least half of them enacted within the year. I have sent out info packs to the departments in charge, with the aim of setting up meetings to discuss change.

I have the privilege of speaking at the Stirley Farm Project’s education event for teachers on the 13th of February with the aim of educating the educators on the benefits of this program and the implementation process. Making this transition as easy and viable as possible is the key to action.

I also want to create a community garden initiative where the children can come, and learn about growing their own food from plow to plate. The benefits of this are not just in the consumption of produce, but in being part of a project where they can literally see the fruits of their labour, feel a sense of pride and achievement, and de-stress whilst learning about healthy eating. I have written to my local council about this project, which I hope to have up and running by the spring.

And finally I am planning for Food Revolution Day The Great Big Healthy food fest for May 17th!

This year’s resolutions are jam-packed with life changing goals, for not just myself or individuals but for the entire community, which benefits us all. So what do you have in mind to make the world better for the coming year? Is there a particular skill or knowledge you can share to make the world that little bit better?

Having so many of us with eyes firmly fixed on such a vital issue, and with so many little ones full futures relying on proper nutrition, this is one resolution I won’t be breaking anytime soon.

About the author:
Claire O'Meara is Health Coach, Health and Wellness writer and speaker, and very proud to be the Food Revolution Ambassador for West Yorkshire. As a foodie with a huge passion for helping people to take a hold of their health and live a life they love, Claire is an avid follower of eating clean and all things related to health and wellbeing! Having taught herself to cook Claire was keen to learn more and so embarked on cooking courses, a nutritional therapy course and trained with the Institute of integrative nutrition to become a health coach, and always keeps up to speed with the ever changing health and fitness industry...


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