Creating Lasting Change On Food Revolution Day

Creating Lasting Change On Food Revolution Day

Wed 06 Jun 2012

Story by Enzo Guarino

As soon as I saw the Food Revolution Day being advertised I jumped on board. I suppose it was an opportunity to have a voice in the community and bring like minded people together to talk about the future of food and more importantly our children future.

I got on the site and created an event straight away and became an ambassador with the support of the FRD team and Gidsy. I started getting bookings for the event which was to be held at my home. The bookings started to come and I realised it would be too crowded at home so decided to engage a friend Carla to be my partner for the day and to help me cook. Carla’s family are famous in Sydney for their butcher shop and deli where they make all the traditional salami’s and prosciutto so it was a great place to hold the event.

Learning From One Another

After all the guests had arrived I asked everyone whether they were here to support this movement well into the future and they all said yes of course. We believe it is an important movement because it gets people together at all levels and gets everyone talking about their own families and friends and how they source their food. Ultimately it’s about creating the awareness needed to address this global problem.

While we are all talking and getting to know one another we got cracking on the salads we were making with. Even though they were being made with simple seasonal ingredients most of our guests had never tried them before which made me realise that we have plenty to share and we can all learn from one another.

The menu consisted of Zucchinis thinly sliced by Peter, one of the guests eager to learn, and tossed with fresh mint, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. A Fennel & Orange salad was then quickly made and both left to macerate. Next up was the pasta making demonstration where I made egg pasta tagliatelle and Carla assisted our guests in rolling out the pasta and hand cutting it. The tomato sauce had been prepared earlier by Carla and then we cooked the pasta, added the sauce and we sat down to enjoy a meal together with fresh bread and finely cut cheeses, prosciutto, hams and salamis, pickled green tomatoes, and locally made Pepe Saya butter.

Initiatives & Outcomes of Food Revolution Day In Sydney

There are some great initiatives and positive outcomes of our Food Revolution Day! I have become ambassador for our local primary school where I am involved with “Week of Tastes”, a program designed for year 3 and 4 students. The Week of Tastes is an annual event in August, which is designed to change children’s relationship with food and address eating habits contributing to the obesity epidemic. I am so honoured to be a part of this and really am passionate about inspiring the children through the program.

I was also lucky enough to have Danielle McHugh from the Ministry of Health attend the event and she made us aware of the government grants available for our local schools, which we were unaware of prior to the event and are now being rolled out for the schools to improve food education and create learning programs.

Opening Up Doors To Become A Local Ambassador

The event has opened up so many doors for me to become a local ambassador for the community and am now also involved with the Children’s Food Education Foundation an Australian charity dedicated to creating and delivering innovative food education programs for children and young people with disadvantages, chronic illness, disabilities, mental disorders, and those who care for themselves.

My goal is to inspire the younger generations to cook better, eat better and source better food where possible.

About the author: An account manager by day and food blogger by night, Enzo has two daughters with his partner and lives happily in Sydney Australia. Coming from an Italian family where food and hospitality is part of his DNA - Enzo loves to share this with family, friends and with the people around him. Enzo promotes a healthy lifestyle on both his website ‘Cibo’ which is Food in Italian and on his Facebook page, and aims to inspire by example and encourage discussion about food and how we can lead fulfilling lives.


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