Eat Well Work Happy

Eat Well Work Happy

Thu 19 Jul 2012

Story by Madeline and Aja Marie Johnson

The Snack Cart – Eat Well, Work Happy

We originally created The Snack Cart because we wanted to help change the way people eat at work, which is typically hunched over their desk for hours with a fork full of fast food, fingers poking away on the keyboard, barely taking breaths in-between text messages and lengthy Skype chats.

Aja and I have worked together for years marketing spas, fragrances and cosmetics at a pretty fast pace. Last fall we decided to branch out with a second business with the idea of creating a new healthy and fresh mobile in-office food and beverage service embracing and promoting wellness in the workplace.

It was Aja who really understood the commonality between long 12 to 14 hour workdays and forgoing lunch for yet another cup of coffee. The idea of helping people remember to eat and sustain themselves throughout their busy working day was something that really resonated with her own belief that we must take care of ourselves at work as well as at home.

So, we have moved from niche fragrance to fresh food – why not?

The Snack Cart – Not Just Chips

The biggest joy we get from our day is the smile we see on our customer’s/co-worker’s faces. There’s something about finding fresh food in your workspace that is just a big surprise. We have a fridge with fresh-pressed orange, apple and ginger juice for breakfast, two protein packed eggs in a cup and organic apple slices with creamy natural peanut butter for dipping at the desk. Needless to say, this beats a nasty old vending machine any day of the week.

Our Snack Cart replaced a pool table in a break room area, so we had to make sure that workers really liked our food. We are also passionate marketing & design pros, so we began by introducing this new wellness concept in a fun and authentic way.

Our Menu & Services

We have an in-office rolling cart service with a canteen/café open at 9 am from Monday through Friday that makes last calls at 5:30 pm for busy late night workers. We have also created a place to meet and eat as we strive to continually bring fun + food + community together for serendipitous and spontaneous collaboration among workers. All of our transactions are done with a convenient swipe on The Snack Cart’s iPad register powered by ShopKeep.

The growing menu includes well-loved and small batch artisanal brands of fresh, healthier food, beverages and snacks that have been recognized and crowd sourced as “best in their category” by food critics and enthusiasts!

We are constantly on the hunt for fresher, healthier, better tasting food to fill our gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, diet and organic categories. Workers help out by participating in tastings and “roast offs” of some of NYC’s best coffee, like Roasting Plant & Kobrick, made even more awesome when iced with frozen espresso ice cubes.

Other menu options include old -school sugary soda alternatives include refreshments like Sweet Green vegetable juice to keep workers hydrated throughout the day.

Weekly raffles have workers actually enjoying a free lunch, networking events bring everyone together over snacks and drinks and clementines are given away at the cart and around the building to keep everyone’s appetite juiced up.

Our first “cart” is made of reclaimed mahogany and redwood with antique brass detailing by master carpenters at Joist Builders.

We are currently in beta until September 7, 2012 with plans to launch Snack Cart Services throughout New York in office spaces everywhere as an authentic and valuable service for busy employees and entrepreneurs. We offer 10% back to building operators and companies looking to have The Snack Cart in their location. The Original Snack Cart was originally made possible with the support and generosity of WeWork, LLC, leaders in creative and collaborative workspaces around the world.

Let’s Get Rolling . . . More To Come

We see The Snack Cart as a retro-rolling cart service that delivers these delicious options directly to the desks of too busy business pros throughout workspaces using a snack cart services phone and desktop app that makes it simple and convenient to order what workers crave from just about anywhere.

Other conveniences include cater to conference room services for members and their guest and soon to launch lunch and learn workshops and forums with guest experts.

About the authors: With a motto of Eat Well, Work Well, mother and daughter, Madeline and Aja Marie Johnson are changing the way people eat at work through the Snack Cart, founded in New York in March of this year. You can connect with them via their website, on twitter, and on facebook and pinterest or email them at and


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