Eating Local Foods – The Locovore

Eating Local Foods – The Locovore

Thu 23 Feb 2012

Story by Selena De Vries

This week’s Tuesday Twitter Party had people passionate about eating close to home. We thought of ideas of how to become even better food citizens and how eating as a ‘locovore’ can be bursting with flavor and nutrients! I am so glad I was able to host this party on one of my favorite topics and meet like-minded folks. Great advice was given and received from a fantastic group of people passionate about real food.

Eating local has all sorts of benefits from supporting your local farmer in order to increase the production of local foods, to keeping the environment healthy, and, of course, to provide our bodies with the best nutrition. But, sometimes it’s not always easy to eat local. By sharing our love of local foods, we inspired fresh ideas to help bring out the ‘locovore’ within!

Party Questions and Some of the Best Tweets:

Q1. Where do you get your local foods?

@Ciocia I also grow herbs in my window and some other things in my small garden in summer

@scatteredmom Our grocery store carries lots of local products.

Q2. Why do you feel it’s important to buy local?

@1000plusone You get to reap ALL the benefits of fresh food and support local economy…not to mention meeting cool people!

@LZXpress It's fun to talk to the farmers - get ideas, recipes - makes the whole process of nutrition a fun adventure

Q3. What are some of your favorite local foods right now?

@karenlebillon Volcanoes - Mashed potatoes or yams, shape into cone, create centre hole, insert butter, watch melt/overflow!

@Rachell4Realty Right now I am loving the good old fashioned egg. Just pick up a recipe for stracciatella, amazing

Q4. How do you promote or take part in local foods within your community?

@1000plusone Use social media, encourage join CSA and shop at local markets…

@lanaprekprogram Definitely talk up local farmer's markets or farms. Also small markets that serve local stuff. Word of mouth is big!

Q5. What unusual foods are local to you that may not be local to everyone here?

@NYFarmer Has anybody tried rose veal? Would be very local food in rural NY

@houseofannie Fruits of Serian link:

Q6. Do you ever feel restrained in the local foods available to you? If so, how do you overcome?

@JTFinkelstein Love being in other pts of the world & enjoying their local produce especially trop fruit in the Caribbean, taste explodes in the mouth

@TheOrganicTrail When it comes to #RealFood progress not perfection is most important!

Take a look at these recipes and see what people are cooking up using seasonal ingredients:

Glazed Orange-Cardamom Carrots
Braised Pork Belly with Tomatoes in Soy Sauce
Roasted parsnip and pear soup

Thanks to everyone for their great ideas and tips! Try incorporating some of your local produce into the #FoodRevolution recipe of the month, Minestrone Soup and upload all your favorite recipes & photos onto the Food Revolution Community page, you might even get to feature in this month’s newsletter!

About the host: Selena is a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian helping people create positive and balanced relationships with food. Dedicated to reconnecting with lost appetites and rediscovering the ‘real’ taste of food. Inspiring you to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. You can connect with her on both Facebook HealthBean and Twitter.


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