Eating Naked in Sacramento

Eating Naked In Sacramento

Thu 30 Jan 2014

Story by Tressa Dorsey

“Eat your Vegetables!” That was the extent of my education about what was healthy and what wasn’t when it came to eating what mom put on my plate. As with most families, food was a source of joy and togetherness shared with family and friends and there was always too much of it. I don’t remember anyone saying don’t eat that it’s got High Fructose Corn Syrup or other names that to this day I still can’t pronounce in it. We ate what was served and were grateful for it.

Fast forward 30 years and I found myself wondering why I struggle with my weight, lack of energy and overall discontentment around the choices I was making when it came to food. Then, I saw the Jamie Oliver Big Rig Teaching Tour flyer and I remembered the “Naked Chef” and his Food Revolution. It just clicked for me.

I love to eat, I love to cook and I wanted to learn how to do those two things in a more positive and healthy way for myself and my family. So I applied and began what I consider to be one of many steps into a life where my perspective on food has changed and more importantly where I can share this knowledge with others in my community to help them make healthier choices as well.

The Big Rig experience made me realize a few things; the first is you don’t have to be a food genius or formally trained chef to make simple healthy recipes, the second was that anyone, no matter age or background can learn how to cook meals that taste good and that are good for you and the third was eating healthy is not as hard as it sounds.

The next few weeks will be filled with opportunities to pass on the knowledge I have been given to people of all ages who come from all different socioeconomic backgrounds. People who may know much more than I do about how to eat healthy and those who don’t know the difference between processed and non -processed foods. The idea that we will even be having the conversation at all makes this whole experience a worthwhile endeavor. The awareness that will come from sharing information about where our food comes from and how to cook it is such a huge leap from where my food education began so many years ago.

Now when I hear the term “Eat Your Vegetables” it holds a whole new meaning and the Big Rig Tour is shedding light on the meaning behind the message.

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About the author: Tressa Dorsey has worked with Non-Profit, Federal, State and Local government agencies for the last 16 years in the social service and workforce development fields. She has dedicated her career to working with individuals who are considered at risk, underserved and face challenges both socially and economically throughout the United States. When Tressa is not working she enjoys having family and friends over for small gatherings where she can incorporate her passion for food by experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes out on guests.


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