Farm Bill Update: The Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act

Farm Bill Update: The Local Farms, Food And Jobs Act

Fri 26 Apr 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act 2013 introduces provision to include food education.

Every 5 years Congress negotiates the Farm Bill-a huge piece of legislation that impacts all dimensions of farming, food and nutrition for kids and adults in America. It dictates how we grow food, support farmers, sell food, and take care of hungry people with food assistance programs.

One New Year’s Day this year a Farm Bill extension was included in the ‘fiscal cliff’ tax bill, meaning that the current Farm Bill (which should have been renewed last September) was been extended until September of this year. Big changes will need to happen within the bill so that the new Farm Bill supports the people that need it most. Find out more here.

The Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act of 2013

With Congressional discussions on the Farm Bill beginning to ramp up again, a new bill – the Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act of 2013 - has been introduced that will increase support for farmers who are growing organic and sustainably produced fruit, vegetables, meats and other healthy foods for local and regional markets. It will also increase access to these healthy foods in underserved communities.

Food Education and Cooking

Not only will this bill increase support for farmers, support community food projects and farmers’ markets, help develop local and regional food systems and support SNAP programs but it would also support food education. The ‘Food and Agriculture Service Learning Program’ provision within the bill would establish a program to advance children’s nutritional health and education in underserved communities, by increasing the number of national service members working in K 12 schools to engage children in experiential learning about agriculture, gardening, nutrition, cooking and where food comes from.

You can support this bill today by telling your members of Congress to cosponsor the Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act today! The more co-sponsors, the more likely that many of the bill’s excellent provisions will be included in the Farm Bill.

You can locate your Representative and contact details here:

Find out more about the Farm Bill here and stay tuned for more actions on this important piece of legislation.

The Food Revolution Team

Photo Credit: Fair Food Network


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