Farmers’ Market Finds

Farmers’ Market Finds

Tue 10 Jul 2012

Story by Jennifer Tyler Lee

The bustling market is buzzing with curious food explorers. Busy as bees, my kids zip from one stand to the next, tasting a bit of white nectarine here, a bite of boysenberry there, juice happily running down their chins. The smell of summer is in the air, and it ignites a craving for farm fresh finds.

The local farmers’ market has been a wonderful inspiration for getting my picky eaters to try new foods. Fresh crisp air, busy shoppers, and overflowing tables of colorful fruits and veggies come together to set the perfect stage for exploring. Here’s what we found on our adventures this month.

Fava Beans

Big, broad fava beans seem to be made for tiny fingers. Like a sweet pea, but even easier to unfurl, my kids enjoyed peeling open each bright green pod to reveal the treasure inside. But before you dig in, there’s one extra step: How to prepare fava beans.

Friendship Garden Soup

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s healthy lunchtime challenge, my 8 year old daughter created this simple recipe that brings together garden fresh veggies and good friends for an afternoon of kid-style cookin’! Invite your friends to bring a favorite vegetable from their local farmers’ market (or kitchen garden) and make Friendship Garden Soup.

Healthy Zucchini Muffins

Tables piled high with farm fresh zucchini brought back memories of the many creative ways of preparing this delicious summer staple. You can imagine my absolute delight when my new food adventurers decided to make zucchini our new food of the week. A perfect opportunity for one of my favorite sweet treats: Healthy zucchini muffins!

Pick Your Own Strawberries

The bounty of summer berries at our farmers’ market is a regular stop on our famers’ market tour each weekend. But a recent trip to a coastal farm gave us the exciting opportunity to pick our own bounty. A jam-packed adventure for the whole family: Pick your own strawberries.

What’s Cookin’ at Your Local Market?

What was your favorite farmers’ market find this week? Post your pictures on the Food Revolution Facebook page and tag @crunchacolor. You may be featured in our next 52 New Foods Recipe Roundup!

Craving more new recipes to try? Tune into the Crunch a Color™ New Food Challenge each week for more tasty, fun and easy recipes from fellow Food Revolutionaries and get the exclusive recipe roundups each month right here on Jamie’s Food Revolution.

About the author: Jennifer Tyler Lee is a mom of two children and the creator of Crunch a Color™-- the award-winning nutrition game that makes healthy eating fun. Like most parents, she struggled to get her kids to eat healthy, balanced meals, so she decided to make it into a healthy eating game and she’s giving back to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Watch her picky eaters tell the story of how they turned into healthy eaters playing the game. Follow Crunch a Color™ on Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest for more of Jennifer’s tips and kid-friendly, easy recipes.


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