February Blog of the Month: Teeny Tiny Kitchen

February Blog Of The Month: Teeny Tiny Kitchen

Thu 01 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Congratulations to our February blog of the month – Teeny Tiny Kitchen. Every month here at the Food Revolution we choose one of the many amazing food based blogs as our ‘Blog of the Month’, whether focused on from scratch cooking and trying new recipes, changing school food, or educating their readers on food issues and how to incorporate homemade meals into everyday life.

Teeny Tiny Kitchen is a blog about cooking with fresh ingredients in a very small kitchen. Recipes are created without processed ingredients, often showing how to replace them with homemade recipes. Whether that means making homemade taco sauce and spice blends or making a healthy (and surprisingly simple) condensed soup, it’s all about good food and knowing what you're eating.

If you're looking for simple recipes to use up an abundance of seasonal ingredients or you're looking for something more adventurous, Teeny Tiny Kitchen knows from experience that you can do it all in a small space - and you can do it all with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Eating well doesn't add to the stress of a busy life, it enhances the pleasure of eating and cooking, and it breeds a love for food and knowledge of what we put into our bodies.

A small kitchen doesn't have to get in your way either. Even if your kitchen is narrow as a ship's galley, that doesn't need to stop you from making bagels and bialys, smoking chicken, making pickles, whipping up an Asian stir fry or making a classic roast. It certainly doesn’t stop Teeny Tiny Kitchen, who aim to show you that size doesn't matter when it comes to making good, fresh, healthy food. It might occasionally require stacking dishes perpendicularly on top of a row of cookbooks, but that's just a fun challenge.

So head on over to Teeny Tiny Kitchen to see what you can make at home in your kitchen, no matter how small!

The Food Revolution Team & Teeny Tiny Kitchen


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