Food Revolution Ambassadors Go Alfresco!

Food Revolution Ambassadors Go Alfresco!

Fri 15 Aug 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Earlier this month we asked our Food Revolution ambassadors, as part of their August challenges to share with us their outdoor dining experiences. We want to know their favourite moments, from huddled around a campfire to picking their own fresh fruits and veggies. Here are some of the moments we’ve captured so far!

Debbie Thorpe, Torpoint, Devon, UK Kicking off August alfresco dining with my birthday. A South African outdoor experience. Going back to my roots and sharing it with friends and family...traditional SA milk tart, carrot and walnut cake with peanut brittle, chocolate dipped British strawberries, parmesan and herb polenta stuffed peppers, corn and a wide selection of meat, sausages and burgers. Served with a wholegrain mustard baby potato salad and a garden salad.

Terri Salminen, Haarlem, The Netherlands August dining outdoors. My brother smokes his brisket in the smoker, bakes it in its own juices in the oven and grills it crispy on the barbecue. Our family dinner on Sunday with cornbread and roasted peaches, coleslaw and roasted peppers was amazing, in honor of our Mom who taught us all not only how to cook but how to share good times together at the table.

Alex Hodgkinson-Last, Gloucestershire, UK Outdoor Dining is just so special to me. I think that we’ll all agree that childhood memories of eating seem to always stir emotions and unexpectedly transport us to happy places. Padrón peppers: Cook these bad boys quickly in a large frying pan over a high heat with some good quality olive oil. When they blister and soften a little, scatter then with plenty of flaky sea salt. Sharing these is so much fun and I can guarantee you that you’ll end up disappointed if there aren’t any hot ones. Read more here.

Susan Ng, Toronto, Canada Alfresco dining with grilled coriander lime corn cob... Forget plain or buttered, give corn on the cob a new twist with Pakistani or Vietnamese-inspired flavours. These insanely aromatic savoury sauces will liven up your grilled summer favourite in no time! ‪‬‬Read more here.

Noriko Misawa, Tokyo, Japan A Japanese regional BBQ of Ayu (Translated Sweet Fish). These are tender and sweet river fish in the mountains, white flesh, milder than trout. Simply salted, and grilled around charcoal. We eat every thing from head to tail! It was so simply delicious and felt grateful for the fish/river/earth/person who prepared it.

Amy Baker Wambold, Arizona, USA Breakfast on the deck over the Animas River in Durango, CO with family after a morning of fishing. The cooktops on the stove of the cabin are not working great, so my husband nicknamed part of our breakfast "half hour French toast! Served with nitrate free bacon, and "fruit/organic yogurt/cranberry pecan granola parfaits using Colorado peaches, blueberries and Washington state cherries. And a little local honey, 100% maple syrup and whipped cream to feel a bit naughty on our last day of vacation.

Corinne Boswinkel, Enschede, The Netherlands Brunch with the sun was out so we could enjoy our food. Since raspberries are in season at this moment and I happen to have two bushes in my garden, I have been making a lot of food that calls for raspberries. For our brunch, I made mini pancakes among other things. To make the brunch complete I made raspberry Iced tea.

Camilla Mann, Monterey, California We love to eat al fresco. And, living on the temperate central coast of California, we eat outside a lot. A lot. Bonfires on the beach, barbeques on the patio, and picnics just about anywhere are the norm for us. We host picnics for welcome back bashes on the beach, we throw birthday parties in the woods, and we sleep - and cook - outside for almost two full weeks every summer. Read more here.

We’ll be sharing more of your outdoor dining moments (whether from summer or winter!) at the end of the month so keep them coming!

Share your photos and recipes with us by posting on our Food Revolution Community page.

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Photos: Left: Susan Ng; top middle (2 images): Camilla Mann; top right: Amy Wambold; bottom right: Corinne Boswinkel; bottom middle: Noriko Misawa


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