Food Revolution Community getting vocal and we love it

Food Revolution Community Getting Vocal And We Love It

Fri 20 Aug 2010

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution Community is growing and we are following and joining in on Facebook, Twitter and in the forums. We love that people are getting vocal about school food and getting to grips with the real problems facing everyone, especially kids, today due to all the processed junk people are eating. Discussions, advice, links and a bustling community of foodies are popping up everywhere. Here is our pick of some of the best posts we’ve seen. Keep speaking up, we can make a difference!

Michelle: My 10yr old son came home with a note from school yesterday - a "healthy food party" tomorrow. Prize given to kid who brings in best home made healthy recipe that HE made himself. Was a busy sport afternoon, but after dinner we Google searched a recipe to suit the ingredients we had and we modified it to be nut free (school rule). Result: very yummy Banana and Pineapple Bran Muffins. Update: David Won! Food Revolution Community Facebook Post

Alison: Friday night has been pizza night in our house for years. Now instead of store bought it is make your own. My three year old loves rolling out the dough and now my older ones are being more adventurous with their own healthy toppings. Food Revolution Community Facebook Post

Valorie: Jamie, we just got a letter from the Douglas County School District Nutrition Services here in Denver, CO and you would pleased to know that they are: 1) Moving from Frozen to Fresh on fruits and vegetables 2) From "already prepared" to "made from scratch" 3) Going local-- partnering with farms for fresher, hormone free chicken and beef, milk and produce. Food Revolution Community Facebook Post

Halley: Our school district is starting a healthy lunch foods program with NO FLAVORED MILKS and no fried foods for k-8. Food Revolution Community Facebook Post
eatplaylove I just started an account for @colobento. Now that school is starting I'll be updating new posts and lunch tips over there! Twitter Post
unhealthytruth Heading into a meeting with policy makers & Congressman. In five words: Prioritize our food and health Twitter Post

TweetDeck check out what this family physician says in Texas.... "Theres not a day that goes by that I dont C a patient who could potentially stp 1 of their medications if they wld just eat healthier" Twitter Post

eartheats Your Top 12 Tips: Smarter Back-To-School Lunches For Healthier Kids Twitter Post

KarmicKick I'm still reeling that a school child can't use a knife or know what a potato looks like in it's natural state. Here I was under the impression the USA was a modern society...clearly one look at the kids says different. Food Revolution Forum Post

Jaimebrooks I have an update. Not only is the school my daughter attends encouraging the kids to drink pop to possibly win a playground, that they don't even need. What they need is a gym (that's right, her school doesn't even have a gym). That's another rant entirely. I just found out Thursday that the school is now selling sno cones during Physical Education on Fridays. I'd really like to know what this school is thinking. I'm furious! Food Revolution Forum Post

uinzato To see how school lunch in America came to be what it is today, as well as some homegrown examples of people working to change it, visit: Food Revolution Forum Post

LindaRoo My Mother lives in Levy County, Florida, USA and she just told me today that the county is purchasing a new ambulance especially made for overweight people equipped with larger stretchers and a winch to pull the overweight people into the ambulance. The county has to do so because they have 10 residents that are over 600 lbs each. I just found that very sad. Food Revolution Forum Post

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