Food Revolution Cook Off #5: Potatoes

Food Revolution Cook Off #5: Potatoes

Wed 08 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This week’s Food Revolution recipe of the week was our Potato Wedges. In keeping with our ‘fast food can be good food’ theme, potatoes are a perfect example of a vegetable you can take and quickly transform in to so many great things - mash it, bake it, roast it or chop them up in to wedges and oven bake. There are so many different varieties of potato as well, we love sweet potatoes.

We asked our Food Revolutionaries to download this quick and easy potato wedges recipe, make it at home and upload a photo onto our Food Revolution Community page, where we also uploaded our photos.


Joi Burke Straaten Grilled organic russets & zucchini olive oil, sea salt & fresh cracked pepper (1)


Jenny Casteel Unternahrer Sweet potato and potato oven fries. Salt, pepper, paprika, little bit of olive oil. Cooked on a hot stoneware pan (4)
Julie Faulkner Potato and Sweet Potato wedges on the grill. Smokey BBQ - Yum! (2)
Mathilde van Smaalen Homemade Potato Wedges (6)
Francesco Strazzanti minty curried potato salad (5)

The Food Revolution team made a mixed potato wedges with maris pipers, butternut squash and sweet potatoes along with the competwition winners simple potato salad (3). Certainly not a meal altogether some of us had the wedges, some of us the potato salad along with a homemade tuna burger (you can find the burger recipe here).

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can still join the fun and make this week’s Food Revolution recipe:

This week we’re all about pizzas! Put down the phone, don’t order one in, whip one up yourself and enjoy it knowing that you have made it from scratch. Download our Basic Pizza recipe and get cooking, make sure to post your photos on the Food Revolution Community page.

We will also be cooking up some pizzas and posting our photos on the Facebook community page, so keep an eye out for our creations!

Thanks to all who contributed and made some great potato dishes, we look forward to seeing your pizzas!

The Food Revolution Team


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